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Bexident Gums it is a line of products with broad-spectrum antiseptic effect that has a formulation that prevents bleeding and inflammation of the gums as a result of gingivitis. 

These products have been made with chlorhexidine, since this component favors the elimination of microorganisms that are responsible for the creation of dentobacterial plaque, as well as its development.

It can be used every day in order to improve the state of the gums, while favoring the results after a periodontal and maxillofacial surgery and as an aid in dental prophylaxis of irradiated patients.

Why use Bexident Gum products?

The products of the line Bexident Gums it has been specially formulated using PerioPlus TreatmentTech Technology, which aims to prevent the creation of biofilm and bacterial plaque, in order to avoid and reduce the symptoms of gingivitis.

At the same time it prevents the appearance of major problems such as periodontitis, since if the gum is not taken care of, it can generate a deterioration in the periodontium, which is known as the structure that supports the tooth.

Each of these products generates an excellent result as an adjuvant treatment, thanks to its effective Chlorhexidine content combined with PerioPlus Treatment Tech technology, actively blocking the creation of the biofilm due to its anti-plaque action.

The Bexident Gums Offer it has products that can be used as a complete treatment, providing optimal prevention before the appearance of gingivitis or inflammation of the gums, avoiding in turn that periodontitis originates.

Each of these products has a high content of chlorhexidine to destroy the bacteria that cause this inflammation, so this brand provides a complete line that favors periodontal treatment and gingivitis.

The mixture of components that includes this range of products generates its results locally and globally in the gums, while providing a beneficial antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect.

The formula of Bexident Gums originates a strong antimicrobial action as a result of its chlorhexidine content while containing an effective dose of dexpanthenol and allantoin that generates results that last longer.

What benefits does the use of Chlorhexidine generate in Bexident Gum products?

Chlorhexidine is a substance that generates an antiseptic, bactericidal and fungicidal effect, while favoring the realization of a correct and effective oral health, since it intervenes in the prevention of caries, reduces gingivitis and periodontitis.

All its excellent results originate thanks to the blockage that originates before the development of bacteria, since it effectively eliminates them, so it can be used daily in oral hygiene.

It can be used as a preventive medicine against the appearance of infections before performing surgery or after performing a tooth extraction, while doctors recommend its use to rule out fungi and bacteria that are fixed in the mouth.

It can be used topically in order to generate the following benefits:

  • Help for periodontal treatments: collaborates with the appearance of various periodontal oral diseases, while reducing pathologies such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

  • Treats sores: keeps the mouth moist, while reducing the appearance of ulcers and canker sores in order to prevent bacterial infections.

  • Surgery: They provide superior care before and after tooth extraction and gum surgery, as this substance generates excellent results by preventing infections in the sutures.

  • Placement of dental implants: this practice is common and has a minimum risk of infection, so it can be used as this antiseptic and as postoperative treatment.

What benefits does the use of Bexident Gum Mouthwash generate?

At Buy Bexident Gums mouthwash a product is acquired that has a formulation that has the beneficial ability to fix to the gum, managing to prevent the appearance of bacterial plaque.

This product includes in its composition Chlorhexidine as the main ingredient, so it can be used for the realization of daily hygiene, favoring the prevention of the elements that originate gingivitis.

With its use it prevents the appearance of bacterial plaque, while reducing the symptoms of gingivitis, such as bleeding and inflammation thanks to its antiseptic effect that collaborates with the conservation of healthy gums.

It generates excellent results for the reduction of bleeding and inflammation of the gums due to its high content of Chlorhexidine, decreasing bacterial plaque and to treat lesions of the oral mucosa.

Why use Bexident Gums Toothpaste?

This toothpaste has an excellent formulation made from Chlorhexidine, so it can be used in order to preserve periodiontal health, being recommended to use every day in oral hygiene.

Its composition favors the remineralization of the tooth, while providing effective care to the enamel of the teeth thanks to its sodium fluoride content and has a beneficial antiseptic effect and is encapsulated in cyclodextrins.

Its components are released progressively in order to generate a faster effect and last longer, while preserving the healthier gum for its beneficial regenerating and toning qualities.

What Opinions have been generated by Bexident Gums?

Bexident Gums it has a large number of View positive, since it includes in its formulation the PerioPlus Maintenance Tech Technology mixed with Chlorhexidine to reduce the creation of biofilm and bacterial plaque.

Its products have been formulated in order to treat the symptoms of gingivitis, so it is recommended to use it every day, in order to reduce and prevent inflammation and bleeding of the gums.

Each of its products has an excellent Price, while generating results that last longer, providing superior care to the gums and teeth in general.

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