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Bexident Canker Spray 15 ml


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  • Its components create a protective layer that helps to immediately reduce pain.
  • It prevents external agents from generating an increase in infection in the area of the mouth.
  • It provides hydration to the area that has deteriorated increasing its healing.
  • It intervenes favorably the healing process.
  • It generates a sense of relief that is felt quickly for longer.
  • Originate your results from the first application.

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Bexident Canker Spray 15 ml it includes Hyaluronic Acid in its formulation in order to generate a feeling of relief immediately reducing the appearance of ulcers in the area of the mouth and canker sores.

Prevents and treats chafing or ulcers that originate from the application of orthodontics or dentures, generating an improvement in normal healing thanks to the development of a protective film that moisturizes the tissues that have deteriorated.

It is indicated to treat those canker sores that are in areas of difficult access, since its spray applicator easily reaches all areas of the mouth, generating as a consequence that it can be applied in children and adults.

Properties of Bexident Canker Sores Spray 15 ml

It has been made with spray format and a special formulation that contains Hyaluronic acid and Advanced Hyalurofilm Tech Technology, which generates its results by creating a protective fabric on canker sores, ulcers and mouth sores.

Its formulation has been developed in order to accelerate its healing, reduce pain and discomfort immediately and for longer, since it can be applied to those sores of difficult access.

It includes a cannula that can be oriented in any direction in order to generate its application directly on canker sores, ulcers or mouth sores of reduced size.

Characteristics of Bexident Canker Sores Spray 15 ml

It includes Hyaluronic Acid in its formulation that generates greater hydration in the affected area, while reducing pain and protecting the injury from external agents, effectively favoring its healing.

  • It includes Advanced Hyalurofilm Tech technology in its formulation that provides fast, longer-lasting relief.
  • It does not include alcohol, causing as a result that it does not sting when applying it.
  • It does not contain gluten.
  • It is presented in a container that includes 15 ml.

Indications of Bexident Canker Sores Spray 15 ml

The application of Bexident Canker Spray 15 ml it is recommended to heal and heal the sores that appear in the mouth, especially those with more difficult access, as a result of its mobile cannula that can be oriented directly on the lesion.

It can be used to reduce the pain caused by traumatic ulcers generated by an accidental bite, burns or rubbing with orthodontic appliances. As well as recurrent aphthous stomatitis.

In addition to the cases in which mouth ulcers appear from time to time and chronically, since it can be applied directly in one or more canker sores in localized areas of the mouth either of children or adults.

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