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Bexident Canker Gel 8 ml


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  • When applied it generates a protective layer that causes a feeling of immediate relief from pain.
  • It generates a care of the area preventing deterioration caused by the effect of external agents preventing the development of infection.
  • Provides hydration in the damaged area generating that heals quickly.
  • Collaborates with the healing process.
  • It creates a sense of relief quickly and lasts longer.
  • Alcohol is not included in its formulation.

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Bexident Canker Gel 8 ml it is a product that includes Hyaluronic Acid in its composition in order to care for and fight against canker sores, generating their elimination in just seven days, since it originates a film that reduces the sensation of pain.

It provides excellent protection against external agents, while hydrating and promoting the healing process, urgently reducing and lasting pain from the first application, so it can be applied several times a day directly on the injury.

Advanced Hyalurofilm Tech Technology is included in its preparation, in order to provide a double benefit since it generates greater protection and improves the relief of sores and canker sores after its application.

Properties of Bexident Canker Sores Gel 8 ml

Mouth sores or canker sores are lesions that originate in the oral mucosa and are generated for different reasons, including stress, hormonal disorders, trauma or can also be caused by the use of dentures or orthodontic appliances.

To efficiently eliminate these discomfort is recommended the use of Bexident Canker Gel 8 ml, since it decreases the sensation of pain on the area avoiding that you feel any type of discomfort when eating or drinking.

It relieves quickly and durably the sensation of pain that originate the canker sores, since it generates a protective barrier above the ulcer while its components favor the healing process.

It can be used in circumstances where there is little amount of canker sores and these are localized, as it helps reduce those chafing or traumatic ulcers that originate as a result of orthodontics or dentures.

Additionally, it helps reduce recurrent aphthous stomatitis thanks to its Hyaluronic Acid content mixed with Advanced Hyalurofilm Tech.

Indications of Bexident Canker Sores Gel 8 ml

The application of this gel is recommended in order to improve the healing of sores and canker sores as a result of its formulation that includes a high content of Hyaluronic Acid, which generates faster and lasting relief.

It includes a cannula that favors its application directly on the affected area, preventing the content of the gel from being wasted.

It is also recommended to cure chafing or traumatic ulcers that originate from the application of orthodontics or dentures, as well as recurrent aphthous stomatitis and small mouth wounds, so it can be applied in children and adults since it does not contain alcohol.

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