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Bepanthol Trademark of Bayer focused on the care of a dermatologist, skin care, baby care, adult skin. a full range of products at the best price online pharmacy.

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Bepanthol is a brand of the renowned company Bayer, which has a series of products that support the care of the skin of adults and infants. Being very effective against any injury, dermatologic, and providing you with the relief from any discomfort of the skin.

The creams Bepanthol are protective and moisturizing and helps to relieve itching, reduce redness and care for atopic skin. This series of products are dedicated to certain disorders of the skin being very effective for tattoos, burns and diaper rash.

All the creams Bepanthol are very effective, and have in common the effect of calming and moisturizing to the skin. However, Bepanthol cream, Bepanthol, and tattoos Bepanthol baby comply with additional functions for each problem of the skin.

In the case of Bepanthol cream, it helps to relieve the abused skin, it regenerates and keeps it hydrated. All the creams Bepanthol containing 5% Dexpanthenol which is an active substance that accelerates the process of regeneration of the skin.

From the first application the Dexpanthenol and pro-vitamin B5 present in Bepanthol be transformed into vitamin B5, which will favor the regeneration process of skin recovery quickly from the assault.

Bepanthol tattoos is a cream that helps to moisturize and heal skin that has been battered because of the tattoo. Tattoos left on the skin wounds, and these must be treated to heal and not get infected is by this that Bapenthol tattoos are the best choice.

Bepanthol tattoos contains petroleum jelly and Dexpanthenol which hydrate and regenerate the skin. This composition is highly effective against these small wounds or incisions produced by pigments that go into the skin while tattoos.

Bepanthol baby is a cream to treat diaper rash or dermatitis that causes the diaper. It soothes, calms irritation, next, and reduces the itching sensation that causes dermatitis, keeping the skin protected, free from infections, moisturized and hydrated. These creams can be applied on any skin type.

Bepanthol price is affordable for any person as they have a cost that allows you to adquirlo easily, and will provide an immediate solution to any discomfort on the skin allowing you to choose between the one that best suits your needs.

Benefits Bepanthol

The creams Bepanthol will help you to care for and regenerate those areas so delicate on the skin when there are cases of sunburn or domestic. Also, when your skin is assaulted by the cold, detergents or irritating substances it to quiet down those troubles.

Bepanthol cream is one of the products of this range, which is an excellent complement to dermatological treatments, aggressive peels, laser treatments and radiation therapy because it soothes rashes, sores and skin irritations.

Bepanthol has a 10% fat content, and does not contain perfume. It is suitable for all skin types, especially those that are very dry and prone to irritation, as Bepanthol protects from dryness caused by air, heat, wind, and sun.

Bepanthol cream also regenerates in cases of extreme cold. It is ideal for applying and protect the areas of the body that have been exposed to the sun. Its presentation of only 30 grams allows you to take it and apply it when you want.

One of the advantages of Bepanthol cream is that it is absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy feel or lumps. Cares the skin tissues, and provides beneficial substances that penetrate with ease in the layers live, coating and hydrating the entire body.

Its composition is antiallergenic and allow you to feel calm in the face of the annoying irritation or pain giving your skin the hydration and appearance smooth and moisturized. In addition, to acquire it is very easy because Bepanthol price is quite affordable for any pocket.

The ointment more effective to treat the skin after a session of tattoo is Bepanthol tattoos, since this protects the skin, moisturizes, and helps to heal the lines of the tattoos allowing you to show off your skin healed and completely healed..

In addition, Bepanthol price fits your pocket, you can get one easily at any pharmacy of your choice. Take it with you anywhere and apply it when necessary.

Bepanthol baby is ideal to prevent the irritation of the baby's bottom and to improve the discomfort when it is already present. This cream is free of fragrance and aggressive substances. Which prevents unfavorable reactions.

Bepanthol baby is a cream created to lipid-based physiological and Panthenol which have effects emollients. Creates a protective barrier on the skin of the infants and facilitates the protection avoiding inconvenience, irritation, redness and itching in infants.

It has a texture that is very smooth that protects the baby's delicate skin without leaving lumps or greasy sensation, you do not have any type of scent, which does not cause any side reaction on the skin and is easily absorbed by this.

There are two sizes Bepanthol baby to the sale. The first is 30g, and the second of 100g which is three times larger, and that, generally it is much better if you have it in mind that Bepanthol price is affordable and very effective for the care of the skin of the baby.

Features Bepanthol

The creams of the range Bepanthol such as Bepanthol cream, Bepanthol, and tattoos Bepanthol baby-containing pro-vitamin B5, plus a number of other ingredients that act on your skin in the following way:

  • Bepanthol cream contains Dexpanthenol, which reduces the feeling of itching, promotes healing of eczema, mild, or other conditions of the skin such as dermatitis caused by the diaper.

  • It is moisturizing, moisturizing and regenerating the skin. Acts directly on the irritated skin and reduces redness and burning. In addition, it restores the natural elasticity of the skin.

  • Lanolin is another of the components Bepanthol and its function is to moisturize, hydrate and protect the skin against external aggressions. Its texture allows it to penetrate easily on the skin and be absorbed taking advantage of all its benefits.

  • To be a substance moisturizing qualities increase, as it helps to protect the skin by preventing the evaporation of the water present in the different tissues of this. That is to say, acts as a protective barrier of the skin, which softens it.

  • The paraffin softens and hydrates the surface of the skin, as it helps to remove dead cells, improving circulation and increasing blood flow. In addition, it helps to open the pores.

  • Helps to keep skin young for a long period, given that it retains the loss of hydration, creating a kind of barrier and leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

  • Beeswax has a high content of antioxidant and moisturizing thanks to its high content of vitamin A. it Nourishes and moisturizes the skin and prevents its premature aging.

  • It has emollient properties and anti-inflammatory, reduces scars, whiten the skin, gives it a higher luminosity, and allows you to keep it healthy and rejuvenated. It also works on skin that is irritated sanándola more quickly.

  • The almond Oil is present in Bepanthol cream has properties of the vitamin and antioxidants, as it is a regenerating and rejuvenating cell effective for treating eczema, skin allergies, itching and redness.

  • Almond oil gives elasticity to the skin, it hydrates, regenerates and keeps it lubricated. In addition, it is anti-inflammatory, and maintains healthy skin and free of dermatological conditions.

  • Vaseline liquid relieves dry and chapped skin. It is able to heal minor wounds such as cuts, scrapes or scratches since it maintains a moist wound and prevents scarring.

  • Bepanthol tattoos contains provitamin B5, which acts by helping the process of regeneration of damaged tissues in the skin after tattooing. In addition, it contains 60% of substances emollients that hydrate and soothe the skin.

  • Bepanthol tattoos is moisturizing, protective, hypoallergenic and contains no perfumes or dyes. Contains petroleum jelly stringy, which is a mixture of saturated hydrocarbons that lubricates your skin after tattooing.

  • Prevents the tissues of the skin irritation and helps to make this stay protected and healed. Prevents the redness, burning sensation and itching on the skin after being subjected to a session of your tattoo.

  • Also contains Prunus dulcis, which contains vitamin E and essential nutrients help hydrate and reduce inflammation of the skin. It also has emollient properties, as it quickly absorbs and restores the normal pH of the skin.

  • Bepanthol tattoos contains vitamins that help keep the skin youthful-looking and is able to reverse the damage caused by the sun. It improves the circulation of the skin and gives flexibility to the dermis.

  • Bepanthol baby contains purified water which creates a protective layer on the diaper area that prevents damage caused by the enzina proteolytic and alters the pH to the skin.

  • Soothes irritations e hydrates the top layer of the skin of the baby while it regenerates. Adheres easily to the skin, absorbs excess moisture and dries quickly.

  • The Lanolin is a natural ingredient that will help treat diaper rash, as it acts as a barrier between the diaper and the skin to help prevent irritation, and has properties that will soothe inflamed skin.

  • Cetyl Alcohol is a co-emulsifier that gives consistency to this product, which allows the texture of the cream is gentle and nourishing to the skin. It is widely used in those skins that have dehydration and irritation due to dermatitis.

  • The Dexpanthenol helps to heal, regenerate and hydrate the battered skin of the child to cause dermatitis. Softens and adds flexibility to the skin of the baby, and gives you a feeling of freshness and relief.

Indications Bepanthol

For the use of Bepanthol cream is recommended unpacking the tube, place the cap upside down and screw. Then, apply the cream on the skin previously cleaned and dried and extend giving a gentle massage until completely absorbed.

You can apply this cream as many times as you want during the day. It is advised to use it for at least a month to get better results on your skin. Keep in a dry and cool place out of the reach of children.

Before you purchase the product, make sure it is not broken or opened. And also check the expiry date of the cream as if that has expired can have side effects on the skin.

For the use of Bepanthol tattoos, it is recommended to apply the cream 2 hours after completion of the tattoo, but for this, you must first clean the area with mild soap and warm water. Then dry the area and gently apply the cream on the tattoo.

The cream should be applied 3 times a day during the first week of healing and keep the area covered with cling film first 3 days of tattooing, especially if you are going to sleep or be in contact with the clothing.

After the first 7 days, you can continue to apply Bepanthol tattoos on the area to keep it moisturized and help to heal completely. Avoid removing the crusts, as these will fall off by themselves.

Keep this product in a dry, cool environment, out of the reach of children, do not combine its use with other creams because it can alter its composition and cause unfavorable reactions on the skin.

For the use of Bepanthol baby must unpacking the tube by placing the cap upside down and threading. Then, on the skin previously cleaned and dried, apply on the diaper area (buttocks, and genital area) massaging gently until the cream is absorbed by the skin.

Bepanthol baby is designed to be used after each diaper change, it can be applied several times during the day, as it keeps the skin moisturized for the baby, and protected against diaper rash.

Bepanthol it is a product that should be kept at room temperature, and out of the reach of children. Check the expiry date of the product, and if this has already expired do not apply.

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