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Bepanthol Protective ointment tattoos 30 grams


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  • Ideal for hands and lips
  • Eliminates roughness
  • Eradicate tension.
  • It was used after getting a tattoo.
  • Improves skin regeneration.
  • Keeps tattoo colors alive.

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Bepanthol Protective ointment tattoos 30 grams it has been developed with the purpose of functioning as a protective ointment, since it contains an oily external emulsion texture and does not have any perfume, coloring, or preservatives content.

With its application it collaborates with the formation of a protective layer on the surface of the skin, achieving greater protection against the contact of irritating substances, while acting as a barrier that eliminates water loss.

Properties of Bepanthol Protective ointment tattoos 30 grams

It is an ointment with a protective effect that offers an improvement in hydration and protection of the skin, while promoting the natural regeneration of dry and sensitive skin that easily becomes irritable.

  • It exerts a smoothing and regenerating action on skin that is very dry, cracked or that has a certain degree of tendency to suffer from irritations.
  • It provides great protection and regeneration of the skin against irritations, chafing, peeling, cracks and redness of the skin.
  • It collaborates with the hydration of the area that has roughness, sensations of tightness, hands that are very dry or have been irritated because of the cold.
  • In its formula there is a wide content of dexpanthenol at 5% and a lipid content at 60% that aim to protect the skin against irritating substances and provide high hydration.
  • It can be used on the skin of different family members as a result of its specially selected components.

Indications of Bepanthol Protective ointment tattoos 30 grams

Bepanthol Protective ointment tattoos 30 grams it offers a wide fat content of bepanthol, with 5% of provitamins B5 and 60% of lipids that originate greater protection and intense hydration in localized areas, such as in:

  • Chapped lips or hands due to cold, rough areas or tightness.
  • On cracks, redness or skin irritations.
  • After the tattoo, it improves the regeneration of the skin while maintaining the vivid colors of the tattoo.
  • Outbreaks of atopy and xerosis in very dry skin.

How to Use Bepanthol Protective ointment tattoos 30 grams

First time used Bepanthol Protective ointment tattoos 30 grams the tube should be unsealed, placing the cap of this upside down and screw, and then apply an abundant layer of protective ointment on the skin that must be clean and dry.It should be extended by applying a light massage, being able to repeat its application up to 3 times throughout the day for a time of 15 consecutive days.

It is recommended before the use of the cream to clean the tattoo area with a gel that contains a physiological pH 5.6 to then perform the procedure in the indicated way, it will be noticed as the crust will fall alone in an average of one month.

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