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Bepanthol Cream 30 grams


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  • External phase emulsion
  • It has a watery texture.
  • It generates repairing and soothing effect.
  • Provides emollient action.
  • Improves hydration.
  • Does not include perfume or antiseptics.

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What is Bepanthol Cream 30 grams?

Bepanthol Cream 30 grams it is a cream formulated for the care of dry skin and damaged skin, since it collaborates with the repair and care of it thanks to its content of pro-vitamin B5.

With its use an increase in the natural process of restoration of the skin is generated, since it has a watery texture and is for external use, at the same time that its composition has been designed in order to provide a superior tolerance.

Thanks to its texture it is applied in a simpler way and leaves a pleasant feeling, being recommended for use after performing tattoos, as well as for the care of dry, irritated and assaulted skin.

Why use Bepanthol Cream 30 grams?

This emulsion has been developed for the care of those who have sensitive skin, causing a notable decrease in irritations and redness, since its content of panthenol and low lipid content favors the regeneration of the skin.

With its frequent use it generates an improvement in the function of the cutaneous barrier, so it provides superior care in dry skin that is predisposed to suffer from irritation and prevents the appearance of chafing on the skin.

It preserves healthy skin, especially after the application of aesthetic treatments and increases its hydration after sun exposure, since it is easily absorbed and leaves a wonderful feeling of freshness without leaving the skin oily.

How does Bepanthol Cream 30 grams?

This cream includes Panthenol as the main ingredient, so when applied to the skin it changes to vitamin B5 to intervene and improve the skin repair process, decreasing aggressions more quickly.

It includes only 10% of fat content and does not include in its formulation any type of perfume, providing an improvement in the care of dry skin and prone to irritations.

With its use it prevents the generation of dryness as a result of aggressions caused by the environment such as air conditioning, heat, wind, sun, among others; at the same time it favors the recovery of the skin in cases of extreme cold.

In addition, its composition generates an improvement in the protective barrier of the skin, since it prevents the aggression of the skin before exposure to harmful external substances and prevents the loss of water or dehydration of the skin.

What are the Indications of Bepanthol Cream 30 grams?

Bepanthol Cream 30 grams has been formulated to collaborate with the care and repair of localized areas such as mild or domestic sunburn on the skin, while generating an improvement on skin damaged by cold, detergents and/or irritating substances.

It can be used as a complement to the application of aggressive dermatological treatments, waxing, peels and even in laser treatments or radiotherapy, as well as in people who are in bed or in areas of the skin that are plastered.

Composition of Bepanthol Cream 30 grams

Lanolin, Panthenol, Propylene Glycol, Cetyl Alcohol, Potassium Hydroxide, Aqua, Isopropyl myristate, Stearyl alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Cetyl Phosphate, Pantolactone, Potassium.

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