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Bepanthol Cream 100 g


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  • Provides hydration
  • It exerts an improvement on the skin.
  • promotes dry and sensitive skin.
  • Provides skin care.
  • It can be used by the whole family.
  • Creates an excellent tolerance.

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Bepanthol Cream 100 g it has been developed to promote regeneration and skin care in cases where there are burned or when the skin has been attacked, since it includes in its composition Dexpanthenol 5% and provitamin B5.

The components included in this cream accelerate the natural process of skin regeneration. Additionally, it does not contain perfumes or antiseptics in order to provide a wide tolerance.

Properties of Bepanthol Cream 100 g

It has been made with emulsion texture in aqueous external phase, with a wide content of dexpanthenol at 5% and low lipid content at 10% that offers an excellent balance between a fairly simple application and a wide regenerative capacity.

  • It does not contain perfumes, parabens, or antiseptics.
  • Offers optimal tolerance.
  • It is dermatologically approved.
  • It is recommended for daily care of dry, sensitive and irritable skin.
  • Cares for healthy skin sensitized by superficial dermatological treatments.
  • Exerts a great hydration on the skin masque everything after sun exposure.
  • It protects the skin that is easily irritated by the cold, detergents, irritating substances, among others.
  • It can be applied to the skin of all members of the family, to exercise greater care.
  • Bepanthol Cream 100 g it has been specially formulated to generate an effective care of healthy skin that has been sensitized by the use of different dermatological treatments.
  • With its use it provides an extra hydration to the skin after extensive exposure to the sun, while protecting against irritations generated by various external factors.
  • It is a cream with a fairly comfortable format, as it is presented in a tube with a net content of 100 g.

Indications of Bepanthol Cream 100 g

This cream has been developed in order to be used in the care of skin that is dry or has a tendency to suffer from irritations, and can be used in different members of the family.

It does not produce any kind of greasy sensation, in addition, it is quickly absorbed thus achieving that its actions are noticed immediately, generating excellent results in the following cases:

  • Healthy skins with sensitivity because of superficial dermatological treatments such as laser, peeling, hair removal, among others.
  • Skins that are easily irritated by cold, detergents, irritating substances, among others.
  • In dehydrated skin as a result of constant exposure to the sun.
  • Skin that is rough, dry and with other skin irritation.

How to Use Bepanthol Cream 100 g

The use of Bepanthol Cream 100 g it is quite simple to just spread the cream on the skin that must be clean previously.

Light massages should be exercised to improve the absorption of nutrients and can be applied as many times as deemed necessary.

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