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Bella Aurora

Bella Aurora is a brand specializing in the treatment of cosmetic facial premium, with a very wide range of anti spots, beautiful aurora stain is a line very complete treatment of skin blemishes of all kinds. Here, you can buy at the best price treatments stain bella aurora effective, cheap, and above all, careful with your skin. Valid for all skins, sensitive, combination and dry.

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Bella Aurora is the leading brand in the treatments, stain-free and in skin care. He was born in the year of 1890, and now it can be said that it is a reference in despigmentante cosmetic market thanks to its innovative formulas.

The trademark Bella Aurora has more than 129 years researching about the problem of the spots of the skin, thus helping to improve and avoid such spots with their multiple treatments for all skin types.

Lines of tratasbestos Bella Aurora

Beautiful Aurora in their desire to help improve the different types of dark spots on the skin and in the benefit of women according to their skin type and varying needs have created several lines of products cream beauty aurora as:

All of these lines of creams have been created with a sole purpose to improve the state of the skin of consumers and generate many benefits, thanks to the outcome of multiple investigations by this well-known cosmetic brand.

Treatment Of Stains Bella Aurora

In this line of beautiful aurora stain are wonderful solutions to clear the spots caused by the sun, age, or hormonal changes.

There are great products such as creams bella aurora bio 10 in all its presentations, the L+ stain and the b7 whether for normal skin-dry, mixed-fat and sensitive.

Among the creams bella aurora bio 10 are bio10 forte which is a despigmentante intensive ampoules, bio10 anti-stain normal / dry skin, the skin oily or very oily and sensitive skin that are shock treatments against stains.

The cream bella aurora L+ stain-free local action for normal skin and for sensitive skin, acting on the localized staining. As well as the eyes which is a concealer for around the eyes and eyes protect this developed for sensitive skin.

Treatment For Extra Lightening And Bleaching Bella Aurora

In this segment is the cream Double Strength of Bella Aurora which is considered the beauty secrets that are passed down from generation to generation. This beautiful aurora stain has 100 years and lightens the skin tone and hydrates the dry skin in depth.

Skin Solution. Prevents Stains Bella Aurora

Crema bella aurora Skin Solution is the line which is responsible for preventing the skin blemishes appear and additionally provides a number of benefits, among which may be named hydration, nutrition, care and anti-aging to the face.

In this section is the skin solution – hydra-rich solution that your active lasts for 24 hours and hydrates intensively, skin tonic – age solution is a Cream bella aurora anti-wrinkle and firming.

You will also find the skin solution night solution that is a balm nourishing repairer.

Sun Protection Bella Aurora

Bella Aurora offers a wide range of sunscreens with a high protection against UVA/UVB and IR. Help in the protection of skin to prevent the appearance of skin blemishes and try to decrease those that already exist.

These Cream beautiful aurora in addition to its effect antitarnish provide a protection factor is very strong, can be found a sunscreen of SPF50 and SPF100 that help to improve the prevention of new spots.

Beautiful. Anti - Aging Treatment (+40) Bella Aurora

The line bella has a special formulation that helps to treat the first signs of age. Provides care, anti-aging and stain resistant for those young people who begin to observe the appearance of the effects that emerge from the old.

These creams bella aurora stain present creams beautiful day cream for normal / dry skin and combination skin / fat, beautiful elixir of peony, which is a booster that produces a higher energy and luminosity.