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Bella Aurora K Soul Cream Illuminating 50ml+Repair Cream 50ml


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  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Improves texture
  • Improves the skin tone
  • Anti-aging treatment
  • Repairs the results of stress and fatigue in the skin.
  • Includes anti-stress bio complex.

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Bella Aurora K Alma Illuminating Cream 50ml+Repairing Cream 50ml it is a pack specially designed to reduce the signs of skin aging such as the loss of elastin, the birth of wrinkles and expression lines.

With the use of this treatment the lack of luminosity, dull tone and spots are reduced thanks to its content of anti-stress bio complex, which is a fairly strong botanical extract used in the ancient Ayurveda tradition.

Its components originate the detoxification and revitalization of the skin that is tired and fatigued, reducing the signs of aging and taking care of the skin from environmental aggressions and daily stress.

What is the content of Bella Aurora K Alma Illuminating Cream 50ml+Repairing Cream 50ml?

Bella Aurora K Alma Illuminating Cream 50ml

It produces the repair of the results caused by stress and fatigue on the skin, since it includes in its composition the botanical extract used in the ancient Ayurvedic tradition known as anti-stress bio complex mixed with turmeric extract.

With the use of this cream detoxifies and revitalizes the skin that is tired, resulting in the reduction of wrinkles, visibly improving the texture and tone of the skin.

Its components generate greater protection in the skin against environmental aggressions and stress that originates daily, in order to blur the signs of fatigue causing the skin to be softer, brighter and uniform.

It is recommended to use this cream during the day to provide an illuminating and anti-aging effect, as a result of repairing the deterioration in the skin that causes stress and lack of rest.

Bella Aurora K Alma Repair Cream 50ml

It is a treatment specifically formulated for the night, in order to repair the deterioration caused by daily stress, which generates as a result the visible fatigue of the skin.

It includes in its composition a component structured with botanical extracts known as anti-stress bio complex mixed with withania somnifera, in order to reduce wrinkles and expression lines, softening the texture of the skin.

This treatment has been developed to reduce the signs of aging during the night, causing as a result that, when you wake up, the skin is visibly brighter, renewed and full of energy.

It has been made with a non-greasy texture providing a regenerative and anti-stain effect on the skin during the night, creating a delicate film on the dermis so that its components are integrated into the skin and generate its optimal results.

Its components work on 4 different levels, since it brightens, regenerates, detoxifies and intensely repairs the skin, managing to reverse the signs of aging, decreasing spots and illuminating the skin.

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