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Bella Aurora Bio 10 Solar Spf50 Uva Plus Dry Normal Skin 50 ml


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  • It works as a sunscreen.
  • It has anti-stain properties.
  • It is rapidly absorbed.
  • It has immediate moisturizing action.
  • Treat existing spots on the skin.
  • It has anti-aging effect.

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Bio10 Solar Spf50 Uva Plus Dry Normal Skin 50 ml it is a great sunscreen with anti-stain action that is indicated to be used on normal and dry skin managing to provide extensive protection as a result of its improved formula.

Its improved formula contains a large number of broad spectrum UVA, UVB and IRA sunscreens that provide great protection against damage caused by continuous sun exposure.

It contains a light and fluid texture that is diluted in the skin in a perfect way since a daily application results in a matte and transparent finish that generates a face with a healthy and beautiful appearance.

It visibly improves hydration in dry skin while reducing skin blemishes, as its formulation includes powerful depigmenting assets that make existing blemishes look reduced.

With its frequent use, it prevents the appearance of new blemishes in the face area, thanks to its specially selected ingredients that cause greater protection of the skin against the factors that favor its appearance.

Benefits of Bio10 Solar Spf50 Uva Plus Dry Normal Skin 50 ml

It includes an improved formula as a result of its sunscreens providing a broad spectrum that protects against UVA, UVB and IR rays, since it includes a double sphere system that generates extensive protection against sun exposure.

  • It can be used on skins that are deteriorated, with the presence of spots or imperfections.

  • Effectively combats dark spots produced by melanin.

  • It includes in its formulation a large amount of ingredients of proven effectiveness.

  • Decreases the size and intensity of existing stains.

  • It manages to deeply moisturize the dermis while providing elasticity to dry skin.

  • It generates an anti-aging effect.

  • It contains a powerful formula with depigmenting actives that treat the existing ones, seeing visibly reduced and eradicating the appearance of new ones.

Indications of Bio10 Solar Spf50 Uva Plus Dry Normal Skin 50 ml

It has been developed to promote the need for a product with antioxidant result that in turn originates excellent repairing actions of cellular DNA in order to counteract the environmental impact that is suffered in the day to day.

It helps people who require an anti-inflammatory and depigmenting action, since it exerts a great feeling of comfort that improves the appearance and health of dry skin as a result of its content of rich and enveloping components.

Additionally, it exerts antioxidant ANGER protection with soothing actions over inflammation.

How to Use the Bio10 Solar Spf50 Uva Plus Dry Normal Skin 50 ml

It is recommended to apply to the face area a few minutes before starting sun exposure completely avoiding contact with the eye area.

If a small amount of Bio10 Solar Spf50 Uva Plus Dry Normal Skin it causes a decrease in the protection it provides.

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