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The shower gels or also very well known as shower gels, is the term used to refer to those substances that are similar to the liquid soap from the bathroom, which is used for showering. Most of these gels bath or shower gels do not contain, in general, oils saponificados, that is to say, no body fat as it is in the soap. But that contains petroleum based products, herbs, or other substances different. These shower gels can be found in various colours, as well as various scents

Features for selecting a bath gel

To select a shower gel you must take into account several aspects, because it is a product that will be in direct contact with the skin, and these offer many benefits. Below is some ideas for to select the best gel according to the type of skin:
- Gels should not make a lot of foam because they would have greater amount of detergent, silicones and substances that are very harmful to the skin, because it does not hidratarán or cleaned up more, but that will make the skin from drying out. You should read the label to see its components and if the cleaning has to be very aggressive, should not be used. The idea is that the soap can be removed without problems and in shape quickly.
- According to the type of skin, since all skin types are created equal, so before you choose a gel, you should know what is the type of skin and what is required. If you have an oily skin, you can use any type of gel, not always to be very strong and cause acne; when the skin is dry, you need to choose a gel moisturizing and nourishing; if the skin is delicate and suffers from allergies, you must select a gel for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, and the skin is sensitive you must choose cleaners specific that do not contain soap.
- Do not use the same gel for the whole family because in the market there are products that are exclusive to children and others that are for adults only.

How to use shower gels?

- You must enter the shower and get into it.
- Place a little of the gel on a sponge or a washcloth.
- Rub it to form a lather with the soap.
- You pass the sponge gently over the body.
- Once positioned in all of the body is rinsed.

Tips for selecting shower gels

- You must not be very sparkling, because they contain a large amount of harmful substances to the skin and maintain moisture for a long time;
- You must know the skin type and selecting a gel according to the needs.
- You need to have a gel to each person in particular, as the pH varies according to the type of skin.
- Also can be choose by your scent or because it is 100% natural.