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Balsamo tigre

The pharmacopoeia of china has always enjoyed a great reputation due to that harkens back to traditional recipes, thousand-year-old, in which they used all kinds of ingredients that nature could provide. That's why when westerners travelling to China, going to one of these pharmacies to search for a miracle cure was more like watching a magician or sorceress medieval mixing all kinds of items to make a salve or potion miraculous.

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  • Balsamo de Tigre Rojo Balsamo de Tigre Rojo
    Balsamo Tiger Red

    Balsamo of Red tiger, a natural Product with natural extracts to massage, rub and make massages for treatments on the skin.

    10,99 € -42.1806% 6,35 €
  • Balsamo White Tiger Balsamo White Tiger
    Balsamo White Tiger

    BAlsamo White Tiger, from the medicine ancient China, with high power coolant thanks to its composition of extracts of medicinal plants help in the processes of rub massages, or muscle aches.

    10,99 € -45.815% 5,95 €

The Balsamo tiger or ointment tiger is an ointment which is used to massage various parts of the body and relieve some discomfort, such as bumps, muscle aches, headaches, among others.

This ointment is used for several centuries in china, which contains natural ingredients such as extract, clove extract, cinnamon extract, camphor, and mint, which gives you excellent calming properties to those who use it.

Benefits of Balsamo tiger

The Balsamo tiger has a great number of benefits, as it is effective for treating joint problems or muscle. It can be applied in athletes after practice or older people, to relieve the pain.

Also, the Ointment tiger can be applied after the insect bite to relieve itching or burning, produced and give the area a soothing, refreshing and desinflamatoria.

Likewise, you can treat them with the Ointment tiger headaches and migraines, because its components, stimulate the circulation, desinflaman the area and put an end to the intense pain.

The Balsamo tiger can also be applied in burns small in order to reduce inflammation of the affected area and help the skin regenerate much faster. This option is effective if it is superficial burn.

For the pain of joints, bones, or muscles in the Ointment tiger is your best option, given that, in applying it, you'll be able to reduce inflammation in the area, reduce the pain or discomfort you feel, and feel immediate relief to the ailment.

In the case of friction (those that we come up with some shoes that we love), you can apply a little of the Ointment tiger to no friction in a nasty, avoiding the marks or blisters that rubbing causes.

The Ointment tiger can be applied in both men and women suffer from tiredness in the legs, cramps or tingling, since its components help to improve your blood circulation and prevent these symptoms that reduce their daily performance.

The Balsamo tiger is perfect for removing phlegm, reduce inflammation of the bronchial tubes and bring them to an end processes catarrhal. In addition, it improves nasal congestion or respiratory allowing you to rest for the night.

Features Balsamo tiger

The Balsamo tiger can be found in the two presentations, one of which is the Balsamo tiger red and the other, Balsamo tiger white. Each of these has a specific function, as the ointment red is used for:

  • Treat and relieve joint and muscle aches, in addition to being very effective to relieve tendonitis or muscle contractions.

  • The Ointment tiger contains components comomenta, cajeput and essential oil of cinnamon, which have an effect of heat on the area in which it applies and calm the pain or discomfort.

  • On the other hand, the Ointment tiger white is used to treat problems such as headaches, colds or mosquito bites, as the effect of cold penetrates the skin and provides freshness and calmness to the affected area.

  • The Ointment tiger white contains camphor, peppermint, essential oil of clove, eucalyptus essential oil being highly effective at stimulating the immune system of the individual making an Ointment tiger face against infections.

Mode of Use of the Balsamo tiger

The Ointment tiger white should be applied in case of headache, bites and colds. It is recommended to massage the area previously clean and dry and you can repeat the process 2 to 3 times throughout the day.

The Ointment tiger red should be applied in case of joint muscle pain, contractions or injury. It is advised to apply directly to the ointment on the affected area gently massaging, you can repeat the process 2 or 3 times during the day.

Composition of the Balsamo Tiger

This product offers all the benefits due to the components with which it is carried out the formula of the product so here are the most prominent with its effects:

  • Menthol: this is a great analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

  • Camphor: it is an ingredient that has skills analgesic and antiseptic.

  • AE Mint: gives the formula effects anti-spasmodic, expectorant, analgesic, antiseptic, liver, stimulating mental and invigorating nerve, in addition to having a dual action cooling – heated and drying.

  • AE cajeput: provides analgesic action, anti-spasmodic. Sudorific, antiseptic. Expectorant, febrifuge, stimulant and vermifuge.

  • AE nail: like the other is an antiseptic and pain reliever, with the extra of being antibacterial.

  • AE cinnamon: it offers the benefit of to relieve muscle aches and pains, while it energizes and is ideal for general weakness, stimulates circulation, anti-microbial, antiseptic, astringent, anti-cellulite and generates heat.

Indications of the Balsamo Tiger

  • Muscle pain: generates relief to the aches and pains caused by sports injuries or accidents in the home.

  • Pain in the neck or shoulders: calm the generalized aches and pains due to poor postures at the time of a lot of time sitting or created by a bad sleeping position.

  • Insect bites: it's completely effective, managing to weaken the itching caused by the bites of mosquitoes, flies, or ants.

  • It repels mosquitoes organic: it repels mosquitoes are a need for the use of chemicals.

  • Sore throat: when you use the right way penetrates in throat, offering a calm ideal.

  • Headache: it should be rubbed on the forehead, relieving the tension.

  • Stomach pain: it manages to relax the area, helping in the healing of such pain.

  • Clogged nose: it is quite effective to unblock the nasal passages

  • Dizziness: help in the recovery of strength and relaxation after inhaling the balm.

  • Ketosis: this product is ideal to soothe this kind of discomfort.

  • Anti-inflammatory: it has the power to improve the circulating blood leading to the relief of skeletal muscle tissue.

  • Reduces fever: it is effective for the decrease of the temperature in children and adults.

  • Breaks up the congestion in your chest: a small rub of the product will alleviate this congestion.

  • Soothes the sting of bees and wasps: thanks to its natural ingredients neutralizes the venom of these animals.