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Bacterisan is a leading brand in the manufacture of disinfectants, insecticides and detergents, ecological, because this brand is in the market since the year 1958, working specifically in the development of chemical products.

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You are in the search of products of excellent quality at all stages of the production process, thereby achieving a firm's long-established cleaning and disinfection of homes and businesses.

What would be The keys to success that have led to Bacterisan where is currently?

The products of this brand are developed under the strict quality control in all phases of production from manufacturing to shipment, the quality has been guaranteed to the implementation of the company's certificate of good manufacturing practices.

Making the obtaining of excellent quality chemical products and an environment under international standards.

This company has values, as well as the expertise, equipment, constant innovation, specialty products, advanced manufacturing, passion, respect for the environment and certifications.

Activity of greater importance is the research, development, production and marketing of chemicals, which have been developed to meet the needs and demands of the market.

This company is committed to the environment, with all its experience, its power business and a highly qualified human team, led to the requirement of total quality as a work tool.

What are the Products registered Bacterisan?

All products of this brand are registered in a corresponding manner and has a range of disinfectants, which are registered by the ministry of health and the national agency of drug.

Contains a line of detergents and eco-friendly which were certified by ECOLABEL. In addition, it has a diversity of products, disinfectants, detergents, rodenticides and insecticides for professional use and home.

These products have been addressed to the satisfaction of various requirements, in terms of disinfection, disinsection, cleanliness and hygiene of the home and other environments.

All the products made by this prestigious brand, have been manufactured with the technologies of automatic more modern and are certified with the consequent records D. G. S. P., UNEEN, AMSP, HAS, and R. O. P. Z. (H and P).

What is your collaboration with Bilperen?

From some time ago is in collaboration with the laboratories Bilperen achieving the renewal of its presence on the network, therefore Bacterisan is known as the first brand of this company.

there are over 60 of experience and is a leading brand that manufactures disinfectants, insecticides and detergents, ecological from the year 1958, dedicated to creating products comfortable the excellence of quality in all areas of the production process.

In order to achieve a consolidated basis in cleaning and definition, in addition, the disinfection of homes and business.

What Bacterisan is the new e-commerce laboratorios bilper?

These products are elaborated in view the most stringent quality controls in the different phases of production, in addition to account with the appropriate records for this is the new e-commerce laboratories bilper.

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