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Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy 20ml


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Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy 20ml it is a very famous treatment which is carried out through the combination of five flowers different Bach varieties such as Cherry Plum, Cerasifera, Clematis, Impatiens and Star of Bethlehem.

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Say Bach flowers they offer different benefits in which the generation of the eradication of loss of control and hysteria stand out, for the fading and elimination of the feeling of panic and terror, as well as for shock states.

Therefore, with the use of this product, the fight is achieved immediately from the actions of any emergency situation, crisis, nervous breakdown or stressful events.

Why buy Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy 20ml at farmacia Market?

Consumption of Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy 20ml it helps people who usually suffering from a nervous breakdown for one driving test, public speaking, after an accident or an argument occurs; since it includes among its components:

  • Impatiens: favors users who act and think extremely quickly and do not have the adequate patience for the speed of other people, it is functional for people who suffer from stress due to impatience and anxiety.
  • Star of Bethlehem- helps to overcome traumas, as well as the eradication of shock states, whether they are experienced recently or moments ago, achieving recovery and overcoming traumas.
  • Cherry Plum: it is perfect for use in people who suffer from loss of control in thoughts and actions, and who because of this tend to end up doing things that provide negative actions for their person.
  • Rock Rose- indicated for overcoming moments of panic and fear.
  • Clematis- offers overcoming the feeling of unhappiness with your life, eradicating inclusion in fantasy worlds by the pursuit of escape from reality.
  • Generates clarity at the same time that prevents dizziness effects and fading in times of difficulty.
  • Avoid the loss of clarity in difficult moments.

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In case of an emergency, you can take Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy 20ml without exceeding the dose of four drops per each shot at the frequency that is necessary, with a maximum time of two hours for each consumption of the product.

Also this product can be consumed by adding 4 drops of Bach flowers in a glass of water taking it through sips at frequent intervals until the ailments have calmed down.

Although, it can be prepared by diluting two drops of the product in a glass of water drinking it in the same way, since the bottle has a drop count that facilitates the preparation of the drink.

The compound preparation is also known to be the combination of a maximum of 7 assorted flowers that two drops of each flower should be consumed or failing that 4 drops of a 3m bottle with water and this should be ingested at least 4 times a day.