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Bach Flowers Rescue Plus Spray 20 ml


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Bach Flowers Rescue Plus Spray 20 ml it is a product that is indicated for use in people who are under a difficult, stressful or emotional shock moment.

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This spray should be used to achieve improvement in the stimulation of the body, helping the nerves to be relieved, resulting in the focus in a more accurate way.

It is a product that is composed of a quantity of 5 bach flowers, among them are Rock Rose, Impatiens, Red Plum, Star of Bethlehem and Clematis.

Why buy Bach Flowers Rescue Plus Spray 20 ml in Pharmacy Market?

Bach Flowers Rescue Plus Spray it is the result of a mixture that originates a positive solution in stressful or traumatizing moments, managing to motivate intellectual performance, decreasing tiredness and fatigue produced by day to day.

  • Calm the nerves and help in overcoming of uncomfortable or stressful moments.
  • Improves focus and raises brain performance
  • It helps to finding the balance and emotional serenity
  • There is an improvement in memory and physical abilities.

Properties of Bach Flowers Rescue Plus Spray 20 ml

The Spray Plus is a well-known treatment, which has a composition that is made through a mixture of five Bach flowers such as Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Star of Bethlehem and Clematis.

The mixture named above is created by Dr. Bach that exerts an improvement on the emergency situations and crisis, in turn at the times when it is not possible to obtain the accurate choice ideal of flowers individually.

Also, it is perfect to be used in order to cope with the different stressful situations, ranging from the nerves produced by an examination or the shock states generated after an accident.

It has been inserted in its formulation the vitamins B5, which offer a normal intellectual treatment, managing to reduce tiredness and fatigue, while vitamin B12 helps the psychological function to work normally.

In addition, vitamin B5 has been added, which contributes to normal intellectual performance and helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

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It is associated with the different moods of the person, generating an improvement in the internal balance.

  • It offers a improvement in relaxation and decreased stress.
  • It contains a flavor ilemon deal and elderberry flowers.
  • It is presented in a small package.
  • Your format is in spray
  • Suitable for vegans.
  • includes vitamin B12 to contribute to normal psychological function and normal functioning of the nervous system

How to Use Bach Flowers Rescue Plus Spray 20 ml

3 sprays should be placed in the mouth area on average twice a day, without exceeding the recommended daily dose, taking into account that its excessive use can provide laxative effects.