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Baby monitor

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  • Avent philips dect audio 505 Avent philips dect audio 505
    Out of stock
    Avent Philips Dect Audio SCD505

    Avent Philips Dect audio 505 , the most simple of the range, with technology dect that prevents cuts in the listening and reception between devices.

    99,99 € -25% 75,00 €
  • Avent philips dect babyphone 580 Avent philips dect babyphone 580
    Out of stock
    Avent Philips Dect Babyphone SCD580

    Philips Dect Babyphone 580, babymonitor with 50 m of aclcance indoors and up to 330 meters in exetrior, a perfect complement to monitor your baby.

    149,96 € -22.6741% 115,95 €
  • vigilabebes avent philipss 603 vigilabebes avent philipss 603
    Out of stock
    Avent Philips Digital Video and Audio SCD603

    Babymonitor Avent Philips Digital Video 603 , with screen 2.4 inches and secure connection through technology DECT, very, very simple to use and useful.

    169,94 € -27.063% 123,95 €
  • Avent Philips Digital Video audio 610 Avent Philips Digital Video audio 610
    Out of stock
    Avent Philips Digital Video and Audio SCD610

    Avent Philips Digital Video and Audio Scd 610 , with a greater range of up to 150 meters and with the technology dect transmission secure without interference.

    199,95 € -33.4887% 132,99 €
  • Avent Philips Video Monitor SCD 620
    Out of stock
    Avent Philips Vigilabebes Video Camera Monitor SCD 620

    Avent Philips Video Camera Monitor SCD 620, Novelty 2016 in vigilabebes of the latest generation with screen, high resolution, with Personal and insurance (TO-FHSS) color display 2.7 inch, and lullabies + function of intercom.

    159,95 € -15.629% 134,95 €
  • Avent Philips Monitor Video SCD630
    Out of stock
    Avent Philips Vigilabebes Video Camera Monitor SCD 630

    Avent Philips Video Monitor SCD 630 a complete intercom latest generation of avent philips with all functions of SCD620 more light, temperature, night light more vibration, The most complete family of avent philips at the best price to buy here. It is the highest of the range phillips now cheap at a discount.

    199,95 € -17.0045% 165,95 €
  • Avent Philips Ugrow Smart Baby Monitor SCD860
    Out of stock
    Avent Philips Vigilabebes Ugrow Smart Baby Monitor SCD860

    Avent Philips Ugrow Smart Baby Monitor SCD860 a vigilabebes last model that, thanks to this free application is the best solution having watched the baby at any point. Range of up to 50 m indoors and up to 330 m on the outside. Never lose contact with your little one.

    199,95 € -25.0045% 149,96 €

The vigilabebes are devices that have been transformed into an object indispensable for the parents, because it favors the supervision of the little ones when we are doing other activities and provide the certainty that the small is care.

In the market there is a fairly wide range of these devices, which makes it difficult to choose which fits our needs, since there are those who have a camera, as well as those that can be seen by a monitor or the screen of the mobile.

In addition, there are devices that provide excellent benefits, so they can provide excellent coverage, or a high-quality image, it is just a matter of having an idea of the protection that you want to contribute.

What is a Vigilabebes?

A Vigilabebes is a device that allows you to have contact with auditory and/or visual with the child, since this type of attachment provides increasing benefits that favor the surveillance of the small, while there are some that allow the communication with them from a distance.

Helps parents, especially first-timers, have a little peace of mind so that they can perform their various daily tasks or to allow them to rest and pay attention to your child, providing a great utility if the house is very large or has multiple floors.

What types of babymonitor are there?

There are a large number of models of these instruments, which range from the most simple to those that are really complex and can be divided into:


Are the babymonitor that only provide audio, found in this group the most basic, which are similar to walkie-talkies and you can listen to the baby when he is inside the house.

Has a unit sending and receiving, although there are models that have different receiver units, which can be:

  • One-way: you can only listen to the baby.
  • Bi-directional: it allows them to be able to speak and slow down to hear the voice of the parents.

Between the updates of this type of vigilabebes is the improvement in the range or clarity of the sound as it promotes the removal of the interference, while there are those that are activated when you perceive a noise.

This type is an excellent choice if what you want is to purchase a simple equipment that is used for a specific control of the child, generating a great benefit when you are sleeping in another room.

Video devices

Are Vigilabebes with a Camera that can focus and have a receiver unit that provides real-time images, and there are some that can record and are therefore the most sought after in the present day.

This type has more technical specifications, since there are those who have numerous benefits such as zoom, night vision, high definition images, among others.

Among these devices, there is those that have Camera HD, and are equipped with infrared of truth, to the time they communicate with the smartphone or tablet by means of an internet connection either 3G, 4G or WIFI.

What should you consider when buying a Babymonitor?

In the market there is a great variety on babymonitor, but there are a few basic details that you should take into account when purchasing one:

With camera or without camera

First-time parents tend to want to be with the baby at all times, so that for them it is recommended that you have a camera with the aim of being able to observe the small, at any time, as well as to show your friends the movements of the small.

For parents who only want to hear when you cry or when you wake up, one without camera may be the best choice; as well as in cases in which the house is quite small, and when you don't want to make a very large expense.

With the monitor or with the mobile

For those who want a Babymonitor With a Camera must choose if they want to have a monitor with a display or if you want to look at the small on the mobile or the tablet with the help of an application.

If the parents do not go too the babymonitor to monitor is more simple and does not contribute to big problems, so it is more advisable for them.

If you want to monitor the baby by means of an app you must have in mind that this guy is a little more expensive and is aimed at parents often they were home and leave the baby under the care of another person.

This option promotes the surveillance of the small from anywhere, and is usually connected through an internet signal, providing greater security to the parents in any place where it is located.

It is important to take into account the quality of the WiFi signal that comes to the baby room, as if the intensity is low, it will not work in the best way.

The scope

To acquire the Best Vigilabebes it is important to place the camera in the room of the child and to place the monitor in the place where you pass more time, for example, in the dining room or in the kitchen to then test if the signal comes clearly.

Most of these devices has a range of between 15 and 30 metres, taking into account the location of up to four walls in the way, but that path can be changed according to different elements such as the materials of the house and other radio frequencies.

Sleep mode

Some computers are equipped with a sleep mode when disconnected from the current, causing the screen to turn on when the camera senses any noise or movement.

Extra Benefits

As this type of devices has evolved so much there are some extra benefits that you can take into account when purchased, but are not essential:

  • Camera blimp: the Best Vigilabebes have a camera that can move from the monitor.
  • Communicating with baby: a large number of these devices work like a walkie-talkie to be able to calm the baby with your voice; others contain melodies relaxing that can be activated from the monitor or small colored lights that entertain and calm down.
  • Sensors: there are the ones that include a temperature sensor and/or humidity in the room, being quite advantageous in the summer or winter in large flats.

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