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The relationship established between the people who try it for the first time a product Avène and Laboratory Dermatological Avène is usually a beautiful relationship of fidelity long-lasting based on the confidence of consumers on the virtues skin of the avene thermal spring Water, base enriching of all products of the brand, and the commitment of the Laboratory Dermatological Avène for providing and designing continually innovative formulations for the care of the various needs of the skin.

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They are proud of to enjoy this confidence in many countries of the world, including ancient China, with his ancestral knowledge for skin care products and cosmetics. Also in Japan, where the brand avene thermal spring Water is a leader in sales of cosmetics in pharmacies.

Among the products offered by the brand avene thermal spring Water to be found:

Water hydrothermal

Cosmetic man

Cosmetic woman

Cream intolerant skins


Care dermal Baby

Avene thermal spring water has managed to become the emblem of facial care, body and face to the Sun, thanks to a long history and centuries-old experience of skin care, with innovative products in the ingredients and composition to respond to the needs at all times. Users who have already trusting in his power to endorse with its magnificent views and its price is very affordable.

All products contain in their composition the thermal water of Avène (Eau thermale), in charge of calm, refresh and care for the sensitive skin, irritated, bigoted, atopic or, simply, skins that need timely product reliever and repairer. And is that the thermal water of Avène withhas a number of properties that make it unique: its low mineralization, rich in silicate and trace elements, the presence of bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium, but featuring a neutral pH balances our skin. All of this makes it an indispensable element for the development of cosmetics, effective, well-proven.

For this reason, products from Avène are specially recommended for use by any person, whatever their skin; while it is very useful and decisive for people with sensitive skin who need specific care.

The wide range of products covers any need: dry or very dry skin, atopic, intolerant, reactive developing redness and irritation, with acne, with itching, for babies, for women and men, etc with different sizes and formats, adapting to any area of the body: face, body, makeup products, sunscreens, specific products for men, products that are specific to the woman and products for the hygiene of the baby.

The products Avène have a silky-smooth texture of dry feel and subtle aroma to the time that it protects, cares for and repairs the skin, from the youngest to the elderly and veterans who want to continue to enjoy a skin admirable and the outdoors.

Why buy Avène is to express the desire to take care of, to buy Avène is to want to pamper yourself and keep betting for a healthy skin, splendid and free of reactions.

In addition, to pamper their consumers, the brand Avène usually launch promotions Avène with offer Avène of discounted products, or a set of several products - Avène prices very seductive, to try out the range and I'll take care of the body of the king, or queen.

Dare to buy Avène, your skin will notice instantly! from your first contact.