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Avena Isdin Gel, Bath Protector 750 ml


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Avena Isdin Syndet Liquid 750 ml daily Hygiene of all skin types, even for the most sensitive skin and irritated, both children and adults. A gel formula avene you take care of your body, always protecting your skin from the first use and day, Protect yourself. thanks to a formula, the leader of sales.

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Avena ISDIN protective Bath Gel 750 ml it is made with the purpose of being used on the most sensitive skins providing them with greater hygiene, care and protection that they need so much, thanks to its ingredients they can be used both in adults and children.

ISDIN Bath oat Protector it is formulated without any soap in order to improve the care and hydration of the skin, it can be used on any type of skin including the most sensitive and delicate skins.

ISDIN oatmeal bath it can be used for baths and showers, since its dermatological formula is ideal to provide a better daily hygiene in irritated or atopic skin, since it offers greater protection so that these do not become dehydrated or irritated.

Benefits of oats ISDIN protective Bath Gel 750 ml

Avena ISDIN protective Bath Gel 750 ml it provides the skin with emollient, softening, hydrant and protective properties due to the inclusion of oats in its formula, while originating a great hygiene in sensitive skin.

Isdin Shower Gel Protector it includes among its ingredients pure oats that helps the skin thanks to its antipruritic effect, avoiding and treating the itching that can arise in irritated or atopic skin

Avena ISDIN Bath Gel it generates a greater cleansing in the body while improving the level of hydration thanks to its ingredients of natural origin, so it is indicated to be used on sensitive skin because of its high tolerance.

It can be used daily by both adults and children without generating inconvenience, since in its formulation there is no type of soap and its results are dermatologically approved.

Indications of oats ISDIN protective Bath Gel 750 ml

Avena ISDIN protective Bath Gel 750 ml it is a bath gel that has protective actions due to the oats included in its formula, it can also be used for the shower or bath of children and adults.

ISDIN oat protective bath it has a formula that is dermatologically tested, since it originates a daily hygiene in sensitive skin achieving and helps prevent dehydration and the feeling of irritation.

Protective bath 750 ml Isdin it gives the skin the properties of oats generating a moisturizing, softening, emollient, protective and antipruritic effect.

How to use oats ISDIN protective Bath Gel 750 ml

Avena ISDIN protective Bath Gel 750 ml it should be used when making the bath or shower because it helps to generate daily hygiene, thanks to its ingredients of natural origin, without any soap.

When applying the ISDIN body wash light massages should be performed on the skin throughout the body area, which must be previously moistened and after use should be rinsed with plenty of water until no residues of the product are observed.

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