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Autan it is a line of products formulated to generate excellent results in the prevention of mosquito bites, avoiding the discomfort generated when we are outdoors by insects.

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  • Autan tropical Spray dry 100 ml
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    Autan tropical Spray dry 100 ml

    Autan tropical dry spray 100ml is an insect repellent in special mosquito normal and tiger of up to 8 hours, or fly with 7 hours and tick it with 7-hour, long-lasting protection from.

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  • Cer 8 Patch anti Mosquito 24 units
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    Cer 8 Patch anti Mosquito 24 units

    Patch Cer 8 Mosquito 24 units are easy to use and 100 % natural, 24 patches that just with scratching and breaking the micro-capsules for 1 hour in length and one meter protection for baby and mama, For anglers and sportsmen to camping. They are safe, and very effective against mosquitoes tiger. Are bestsellers for something. The price of an offer to buy.

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  • Autan Junior gel repellent 100ml
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    Autan Junior gel repellent 100ml

    Autan Junior Family Care Gel 100 ml, fragrance or dyes, powerful mosquito and insect repellent of flies and mosquitoes, Not suitable for children less than two years, avoid contact with eyes, mouth and mucous membranes.

    9,50 €

It has formulations that prevent other insects such as horseflies and ticks from approaching, providing superior protection, while including a patented active ingredient known as Bayrepel, which provides greater effectiveness.

These products generate many benefits in various cases, as it prevents the problem caused by insects in tropical climates, providing superior tranquility for the whole family.

What is Autan?

It is a brand that has products specially formulated to repel insects, while it has the experience of the American multinational SC Johnson, which is a family business with more than 130 years of history.

The Autan Mosquito Repellents they are undeniable reference of effectiveness, since each of their products are known for their excellent results in preventing the discomfort generated by insects when we are outdoors.

With its use it prevents insect bites from originating, especially at specific times of the year and regardless of where we are, since it provides superior protection for people and pets.

This brand has a superior guarantee in the contribution of tranquility for all members of the family, since it has products with repellent effect and do not include dyes or artificial preservatives, while they do not generate irritation on the skin.

What is Icaridin?

Icaridin is one of the active ingredients found within the formulation of Autan Repellents topical application, so it can be seen on its labels in the component list.

Icaridin was registered, for the first time, for use in 2001 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, being marketed for the first time products with this component in the United States in 2005.

To then be used in a widespread way around the world, since it repels and prevents bites caused by insects, resulting in these away from the skin or clothing to which a product containing this active has been applied.

As a result they do not feed if they come into contact with skin or treated clothing, so if used correctly it generates a wall with steam on the surface of the skin that prevents mosquitoes from landing on it.

What is the DEET included in Autan products?

The component known as DEET was first developed by the U.S. army in 1946, with the purpose of being used by military personnel in areas with large quantities of insects.

DEET is the name that is commonly placed on N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide, since this component has been used as an insect repellent and since its preparation generates highly effective results.

Its excellent results originate as a result of the interference it generates in neurons and receptors found in the antennas of mosquitoes and in areas of the mouth that locate chemicals such as lactic acid and carbon dioxide.

The products that include this beneficial component can be used in children, being advisable to read the instructions on the product label and place in the palm of the hand before applying it all over the skin.

What benefits does the use of Autan Junior repellent gel generate?

This gel with repellent effect has been formulated with components that can be used throughout the year, especially in summer which is the time when we are outdoors and when mosquitoes usually appear.

Its mixture of components generates excellent results during the day, while it can be used at night in order to have a better rest, preventing near ringing in the ears and bites.

Its gel texture makes it easier to apply, while effectively conserving on the skin avoiding mosquito bites and other insects during the day and night effectively.

It can be easily applied to the entire skin of the body and has a delicious fragrance that makes its application a pleasant moment, while including an effective dose of aloe vera that protects the skin, leaves it softer and subtly scented.

After its application it will be kept on the skin since it generates a protective barrier that has an average of 3 to 4 hours of duration, being able to be used children over 2 years and in the most sensitive skins.

Why use Autan tropical Dry Spray?

This Autan Mosquito Repellent it has a formulation that originates an effective and immediate care, providing results that can last up to 8 hours after application.

Its composition generates optimal protection against tiger mosquitoes, of tropical origin or the usual, while generating excellent results against flies and ticks, since its composition has been designed to be more practical and simple to apply.

It produces faster results in the prevention of bites, since it includes an innovative formula that creates a protective barrier on the skin that scares insects and resists perspiration very well

After application it provides protection that lasts longer, while having a beneficial spray format to be applied directly to the skin, without being in contact with the hands.

The application of this product is done in a faster and easier way as a result of its spray format that provides a fairly light and dry result on the skin.

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