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As I Am

As I Am it is a brand that specializes in the development of a product that provides superior hair care with the use of more natural formulations, while having compositions that generate more beautiful curls.

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The active ingredients used by this brand have been aimed at the care of very curly and afro hair, since they cause an improvement in their structure by improving the shape of the most closed curls and prevents them from drying out.

At Buy the products of this brand help in the preservation of healthier, more luminous hair and with an improvement in its hydration, causing its wear to be prevented and its manipulation to be favored in the creation of new styles and hairstyles.

Why Buy As I Am in Pharmacy Market

This brand of hair products has designed a series of formulas that take care of the curls, making them preserved with superior definition and softness, since it provides them with the hydration they require so much.

They have a wide range of products and an excellent Price that will provide all hair types with what they require to look more beautiful, keep themselves cared for and improve their growth in a healthier way.

This brand was born thanks to the work of Dr. Ali N. Syed, who is a chemist and entrepreneur expert in hair care, started his life in rural Pakistan and achieved a degree in Chemistry to start lecturing at universities, to then move Tanzania, Africa.

He taught for some time in Dar-Es-Salaam and then traveled to the USA. He worked in the USA as a worker and maintenance technician for some manufacturing companies, and then gained a lot of experience, which would lead him to found his own company AS I AM.

 Consider the best prices on offer from As I Am in Pharmacy Market

In our parapharmacy this brand has Offer that will help you take care of and make your mane look brighter, avoiding the use of components that deteriorate the hair and that can be harmful such as silicones, sulfates, parabens and mineral oils.

Each composition has been designed to provide greater safety and be more respectful of the hair and skin, so it contains a selection of pure, natural and organic ingredients that provide a lot of benefits for your hair.

Benefits of As I Am

As I Am it is a brand that produces products that have been designed with the use of natural ingredients, which generate excellent results in the reactivation of the scalp and hair roots, causing a better in their growth.

With its regular use, the hair remains healthier, strengthened, beautiful and healthy, since it does not generate dryness, improves hydration, strength, manageability, softness, luminosity, does not cause frizz, defines the curl and improves fixation.

Each of the products of this brand has superior quality and durability, so it only requires the use of a small amount to generate its numerous benefits in the hair.

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