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We as moms we are very careful with the health of our children, when they begin to walk in the many opportunities we fall and we don't know what to do, we run to find some method that will soothe the pain our son. Arnidol is appropriate for this type of situations. Just apply on the coup, calm the pain immediately, its properties of arnica and devil's claw, contain anti-inflammatory responses and analgesic to soothe and refresh the skin of the child. Don't overlook the fall of your child, Arnidol help you in every moment!

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  • Arnidol Gel Stick Bar 15 g Arnidol Gel Stick Bar 15 g
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    Arnidol Gel Stick Bar 15 g

    It brings calm and freshness. It generates natural results. Presentation in bar. It contains Arnica and Harpagophyte. Relieves small bumps in children. Take care of the skin.

    6,20 €
  • Arnidol Pic Stick Calamina + Puzzle
    Arnidol Pic Stick Calamine + Backpack

    Format roll-on. Relieves the itching. Natural ingredients. Anti-inflammatory. Soothing. Bag gift.

    8,00 € -25.1135% 5,99 €
  • Arnidol Roll On Cold Effect 200 Applications
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    Arnidol Roll On Cold Effect 200 Applications

    Roll on cold effect. Calm and cool. Immediate effect. Tested under control in children. From 3 months of age. Natural ingredients.

    12,00 € -25.7867% 8,91 €
  • Arnidol spray glacial
    Arnidol Spray Glacial 150 ml

    Generates a faster relief. Suitable for joint and muscle injury. Presentation on spray. Includes devil's claw, menthol and arnica. Pot with 150ml. Generates ice effect.

    6,00 € -13.2833% 5,20 €
  • arnidol gel massage
    Out of stock
    Arnidol Gel Massage Cold Effect

    Generate a cool effect. Includes arnica and devil's claw. Promotes the recovery of muscles and ligaments. Can be used by small children. Immediate improvement Gel texture.

    9,99 € -21.9128% 7,80 €
  • Arnidol Gel Stick Barra 15 g Cantimplora Gratis
    Out of stock
    Arnidol Gel Stick Bar 15 g Bottle for Free

    Arnidol Gel Stick Bar 15 g Water-Free this product combines the properties of arnica and devil's claw that provide a rapid and effective solution to the problems that arise after suffering bumps and bruises. Arnica promotes the blood flow to the affected area after the coup and make it disappear quickly the consequences of the small bruise. Canteen Free

    8,95 € -36.3514% 5,70 €
  • Arnidol pic with calamine Arnidol pic with calamine
    Out of stock
    Arnidol Pic Stick Calamine

    Includes natural ingredients. Calms, soothes and refreshes the skin after bites. Your presentation is done in roll-on. Protection against the tiger mosquito. Can be used by children from 3 months. Included in its composition calamine lotion.

    8,95 € -22.4324% 6,95 €
  • Arnidol Sun protector solar 50 Arnidol Sun protector solar 50
    Out of stock
    Arnidol Sun Stick 50 High protection

    Provides high protection against UVA and UVB rays. Includes a blend of arnica and Shea butter. Their filters are minerals. Generates an effect that screen. protects fast. Presentation on bar. Protection Factor 50.

    9,95 € -32.1168% 6,75 €
  • Arnidol Gel Stick 15g + Arnidol Pic Roll On 30 ml Pack
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    Arnidol Gel Stick 15g + Arnidol Pic Roll On 30 ml Pack

    Arnidol Gel Stick 15g + Arnidol Pic Roll On 30 ml Pack

    12,00 € -20.8458% 9,50 €
  • Arnidol Stick Gift Piggy Bank Patrol Canine
    Out of stock
    Arnidol Stick Gel 15g + piggy Bank Patrol Canine

    Contains natural extracts. About knocks or impacts. Softens the skin. Comforting. Fast action. Safe product.

    8,00 € -25.1135% 5,99 €

What is Arnidol?

Suitable for children or adults. It is a formula of plant origin, elaborated on the basis of arnica and devil's claw, used since antiquity, although for the time is used with medicinal tea, after so many inventions, he created a formula to efficiently comply with the same anti-inflammatory properties, soothing, refreshing and soothing on the skin after minor knocks and muscle problems, formula called Arnidol.

What Arnidol is really effective?

After several experiments done with the product, it can be said that the effectiveness will depend on the type of zone to which you will apply, and the source of the pain. Also, if we apply it to our babies this product in pain caused by blows spot, due to a fall, a muscle inflammation, a bad move, etc., Is effective immediately, relieving pain instantly.
Our children are more likely to fall and cause some bruising small. This will help to alleviate effectively those bumps and headaches.

Components of the Arnidol

Its ingredients are based on natural plants which have effects in particular:

  • Arnica: a Plant that has significant soothing properties, moisturizing and soothing the skin. Also popularly known as tobacco and mountain is a medicinal plant that belongs to the family Compositae. Reaches half a meter in height, with leaves hidden by hairs and flowers with orange-yellow. It is a plant that grows in the mountain and has a scent similar to chamomile. For the use of the Arnidol in ointments, they are used for their flowers, roots and rhizomes. This component is essential for it to be effective.

  • The devil's claw: Has leaves that are faced and tubular flowers with intense reds and lilacs in addition to fruits with capsules woody. The most important part is the root that has soothing properties and provides an immediate sensation of well-being and comfort. Its root has particular qualities to relieve muscle aches.

Features Arnidol

  1. While the texture of Arnidol is thick and heavy, made to perfection with its mission.

  2. Arnidol does not stain.

  3. Arnidol has a mild odor, almost imperceptible.

  4. You can purchase Arnidol both in stick, gel, cream, as a spray.

  5. It is essentially designed for external use. Do not ingest.

  6. Does not apply Arnidol in eyes.

  7. Do not apply on open wounds.

  8. Does not apply Arnidol on burns.

Advantages of the use of Arnidol

  • Works great, super fast.

  • It is easy to apply.

  • Its properties span a long period of time.

  • Can be used multiple times a day.

  • Its innovative presentation supplied by an application that makes more than 200 apps.

  • Thanks to its wide, rounded surface quickly covers the place of the blow.

  • Numb the pain.

  • Soften the skin.

  • Provide your child a pleasant feeling of well-being.

  • You can apply from 3 months of age.

Properties of the Arnidol

Arnidol as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory

It is recommended the arnidol to treat bruises on the little ones, thanks to which it stimulates the blood circulation, can be applied avoiding that appear possible bruising in the area hit, and if it already exists, it disappears immediately. The best way to apply is salve, because it acts quickly and effectively.

Arnidol as a pain reliever

The pain decreases, because of their high content in acids, gallic acid, caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid which, added to the luteolin and alcohol, serve as an analgesic. They also help to relieve the pain of sprains, bruises and other injuries.

Arnidol as antimicrobial

It is a substance that removes microorganisms or inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, or parasites in the affected area, of course, if there is no open wound. This property, as it is effective against minor skin irritations.

Benefits of Arnidol in children

⦁ Stimulates the blood circulation.
⦁ Prevents the formation of hematomas or help to remove them.
⦁ Helps to relieve the pain, in shock, trauma, sprains, etc
⦁ Reduces the swelling.
⦁ Improve the skin problems.
⦁ Prevents infections in wounds in the skin.
⦁ Accelerates the recovery in dislocations and sprains.

Does the child can ingest Arnidol?

The ingestion of this product may be toxic and dangerous, so that its use is mostly external. If your child were to consume the product, you can produce harmful effects such as:
⦁ Vomiting.
⦁ Headache.
⦁ Nervousness.
⦁ General malaise.
⦁ Diarrhea.
⦁ Death in case of excessive consumption.

Tips for using Arnidol

⦁ You must know that it is suitable only for the minor blows, can not be applied on open wounds and burns, because it would be counterproductive. And if the blow has been an important one, you must take the child to the doctor as soon as possible.
⦁ Avoid contact with the eyes.
⦁ Avoid ingestion.
⦁ Gently rub the product in the affected area.
⦁ Repeat the application as many times as necessary.
⦁ Consult a doctor before trying the product with the baby.
⦁ If the use of the product in the child, you will notice a rash or redness, you should discontinue your use, and that it could be an allergic reaction.
⦁ Nor do you need to manage it excessively, because you can produce an adverse effect such as: blisters, sores on the skin, and necrosis of the superficial.
⦁ Is used via the skin in the form of ointment, cream, gel, or oil, should not be administered ever intramuscular or intravenous.
Arnidol is a product ordered daily by the children, they say it's a magic wand that helps you to mom after the fall of the child. Then the child can try it, it will be recovered. Just try it and you will see that you will love!