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Arnidol Gel Stick Bar 15 g


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  • It brings calm and freshness.
  • It generates natural results.
  • Presentation in bar.
  • It contains Arnica and Harpagophyte.
  • Relieves small bumps in children.
  • Take care of the skin.

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What is Arnidol Gel Stick Barra 15 g?

Arnidol Gel Stick Bar 15 g it is a product formulated based on natural ingredients, such as arnica and harpagofito in order to refresh and comfort the skin, while treating those small bumps that the smallest of the house usually suffer.

Its arnica content provides softness, moisture and calm to the skin, while the harpagofito causes a delicious feeling of well-being and comfort, so it can be applied in order to treat minor bumps and that do not have wounds.

It is recommended Buy this gel bar is a product that is used in a fairly simple way, since it is only required to be rubbed in a fairly gentle way in the area that is required with circular movements.

¿By What To Buy Arnidol Gel Stick Bar 15 g in Pharmacy Market?

This gel has been made with a beneficial presentation in a stick and has a selection of ingredients of natural origin, resulting in a feeling of freshness and relief to the skin, being able to be applied to children after suffering a slight blow.

For its preparation, a mixture of arnica and harpagofito has been used, so it favors the softness, moisturizing and calming of the skin, while with its use a wonderful feeling of well-being and comfort is created that is felt quickly.

Its excellent Price it is due to its beneficial stick format, which is more convenient and simple to apply, while it can be easily transported to be used at any time or place, and its composition does not generate stains on clothes.

Its composition generates excellent results in reducing pain before blows and in the manifestation of bruises, so it can be used in children to treat bumps and minor bumps.

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You can purchase it at Offer in our parapharmacy and enjoy of its size which is smaller, so it is easier to transport and you can take it at any time to any place, providing relief to the blows of your child from the first moment.

For its preparation, the benefits of arnica and harpagofito have been mixed, providing a beneficial presentation that makes its application easier, as well as its penetration into the skin and provides the security of not causing stains, nor leaving a trace.

Benefits of Arnidol Gel Stick Bar 15 g

Arnidol Gel Stick Bar 15 git is a gel that includes arnica in its formulation in order to provide softness, hydration and calm to the skin, while containing harpagophyte that causes a beneficial feeling of well-being and comfort.

As a result of its composition designed based on natural ingredients this gel can  be used by all family members, especially in children over 3 months of age, being tested under dermatological and pediatric control.

Composition of Arnidol Gel Stick Bar 15 g

Propylene Glycol, Aqua, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, HarpagophytumProcumbens Root Extract, Citric Acid, Disodium Phosphate, Polysorbate 60, Sodium Phosphate, Cl 47005.

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