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Royal Arko it is a line of products that has formulations made from Royal Jelly, since it contains a fairly wide selection of components, so each product adapts to the requirements of each consumer.

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For its elaboration safe components are used, so it is carried out a specific monitoring and control to all its active principles providing an improvement to its nutritional, energetic and metabolic properties.

Resulting in more complete products, with excellent presentations, easy to ingest and that provide effective actions in cases of fatigue, food deficit, excess physical and intellectual work, among others.

What benefits do Arko Real products provide?

There is a wide Product offer Royal Arko since they have been made with composition designed based on Royal Jelly, so it provides a large amount of nutrients that favor their intake by anyone.

It is important to mention that each of its products has specific conditions and must follow a routine in its consumption, since each has been developed to fulfill a specific function.

This line of products has the first Responsible Beekeeping Label that is provided by an independent prestigious body, certifying that the royal jelly used by this brand is of the best quality. 

This means that it is extracted from an uncontaminated environment, as a result of conducting a regular control of air, water and soil quality within a radius of 20 km around ARKOPHARMA hives.

At the same time it is originated by bees that have a totally natural or biological diet, so its responsible beekeeping label shows the use of an ethical code, taking into account working conditions, remuneration, life among others.

So the company has an excellent relationship with the small farmers with whom it works.

In addition, its products have been made using ingredients totally of natural origin, so the use of chemical preservatives, dyes or pesticides is avoided, so its composition is completely BIO and can be ingested by adults and children from 3 years.

Sugars are not included for its elaboration, resulting in this range having the endorsement of the Spanish Diabetes Society (SED) being able to be consumed with total confidence by people who have to regulate their intake of carbohydrates.

What is the main component of the Real Arko products?

At Buy products Arko Real formulations based on royal jelly are acquired, which is a substance emitted by worker bees and is used as food for the larvae during their first three days of life and for the queen bee throughout its life.

This component includes amino acids, immunoglobulins, unsaturated fatty acids, hormones, enzymes, proteins, vitamin E and A that favor the reactivation of the immune system since they have an effective dose of apalbumin protein.

The nutrients that Royal Jelly includes work as immunity stimulants, collaborating with the immune system in the fight against infections, causing in turn an improvement in energy levels and muscle capacity, increasing the feeling of vitality.

With its use it generates an improvement in the fight against the problems related to the changes of season, such as the arrival of autumn, while reducing the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, as well as the care of the immune system.

Are there Arko Real products specially formulated for adults?

Can be Buy products Arko Real that they have a composition aimed at increasing the energy and vitality of adults since they have an effective mixture of royal jelly and nutrients that improve the functioning and performance of the body.

For the preparation of these products, Royal Jelly is used, mixed with phosphorus and a large amount of vitamins that the body requires, resulting in less wear and maximum support.

It has mixtures of components that originate an improvement in the satisfaction of the energy and nutritional demand of the organism, being able to be ingested during the winter collaborating with the reinforcement of the natural defenses of the organism.

In addition, there is a presentation that has a higher concentration of Royal Jelly, resulting in an improvement in situations of fatigue, food deficit and overwork.

Are there Arko Real products specially formulated for children?

The Arko Real product line has products specially formulated for the care and improvement in the supply of nutrients of children, since it contains compositions based on Royal Jelly, mixed with a selection of vitamins and nutrients specifically selected.

Its royal jelly content provides a high nutritional value, as it is known as a food made specifically for the consumption of the queen bee, which allows it to last longer than the rest of the bees in the honeycomb.

This component provides an effective dose of essential fatty acids, lipids, vitamins and proteins that generate an improvement in cellular nutrition, while it has components that provide polyphenols, flavonoids, glucose, amino acids and fast absorption proteins.

For the production of all its children's products, a balanced concentration of all substances that improve the human body's defense system has been used, causing a decrease in the spread of diseases related to climate changes.

In addition, it contains a selection of plant extracts that provide beneficial medicinal properties, among which are ginseng and acerola, which according to multiple View they generate an improvement in intellectual function so its daily intake is recommended.

So its composition has been designed to be effectively tolerated by children, since it includes a soft and sweet flavor, while it does not include added sugar or sweeteners in its formulation so it can be ingested with total safety and confidence.

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