Arkocapsulas Zinc 50 capsules


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  • Food supplement.
  • Zinc-based.
  • Protects cells.
  • Promotes the functioning of the immune system.
  • Skin care
  • Healthy and young skin.
  • Preserves vision

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What Anti-Aging Product Do You Need?

As time passes the skin undergoes unfavorable changes, which leads to the search for a product with an anti-aging effect, which favors skin care, as is the case of Arkovital Zinc 50 capsules.

Zinc is commonly found in fish, oysters, meat and poultry, and is known as a trace element necessary for the maintenance of balance in the body, as a mineral provides protection to cells against oxidative damage.

At present, an interest has been created in the intervention of the processes of immunity and the neutralization of free radicals, in order to protect the skin against premature aging.

What Benefits does Arkovital Zinc 50 capsules offer?

The passage of time is an action that affects all people in order to stop the aging of the skin you have to take care of it and for this it has been created Arkovital Zinc 50 capsules, to offer greater protection to cells against oxidative damage.

Resulting in the protection of the dermis against the appearance of premature aging, so it is a product that generates as main function the maintenance of the beauty and health of the face.

Its main component is zinc, which is a priority trace element in the preservation of the body's balance.

In addition, it is a mineral that contributes to the protection of cells against the passage of time, so it can be used continuously to improve the appearance of the skin and promote its health.

The capsules of this supplement have been made with gelatin, in order to improve its absorption by the body, favoring those who suffer from discomfort in the stomach by the consumption of pills or capsules.

Who should take Arkovital Zinc 50 capsules?

The intake of this supplement is recommended for those who want to supplement their daily diet with a product that provides greater care against deterioration by oxidation of cells and the appearance of premature aging

It is a food supplement that generates the protection of cells against oxidative damage, intervenes in the work of the immune system and in the maintenance of vision in normal conditions.

Providing greater care and an improvement in the appearance of the skin, so it is necessary to consume it by adults and children after reaching 11 years of age who need an additional contribution of zinc.

How should Arkovital Zinc 50 capsules be taken?

It is recommended to ingest 1 capsulea Arkovital Zinc 50 capsules at the main meal, in the company of a glass of water.

This supplement can be ingested for a prolonged amount of time in order to promote the normal strengthening of skin cells, while collaborating with the improvement of their condition.

After a while taking this supplement you can easily notice how the skin will look smoother, beautiful and healthy.

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