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Arkocapsules Propolis with 250 mg of propolis extract per capsule which helps to increase your natural defenses. propolis is natural and is obtained by bees of plant origin since it is used by them to protect their homes.

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Arkocapsulas Propolis 42 Capsules it has been made based on Propolis that provides the body with multiple nutrients that favor care and protection against the appearance of viruses and changes in temperatures during the seasons.

Propolis favors the increase of the natural protection of the organism causing a stimulation of the immune system, strengthening the defenses and preventing the appearance of colds and colds, while avoiding irritation and sore throat.

This component provides the body with excellent antibiotic characteristics such as bactericidal and fungicidal, antiviral, antitumor, healing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, epithelializing, anesthetic and immunostimulatory.

How can you help me Arkocapsulas Propolis 40 Capsules

These capsules include Propolis as the main ingredient that helps to generate a strong antibiotic and antiseptic effect in the body, to generate in the generation of strengthening natural defenses.

It provides an antibiotic and antiseptic effect that helps prevent the body from getting sick due to the appearance of a virus or seasonal changes, naturally increasing the capacity of the body's defenses.

The flavonoids contained in Propolis causes an increase in the body's defenses, achieving a fight against multiple respiratory conditions such as pharyngitis, laryngitis or bronchitis, while helping to avoid and treat the symptoms of the flu and the common cold.

This beneficial treatment can be ingested to promote the treatment against cold sores, as a therapeutic addition to gastric ulcer and a fairly efficient anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

In the same way, the large amount of nutrients provided by Propolis causes excellent medicinal qualities in the body such as antibiotics, antivirals, antitumor, healing, analgesic, epitalizing and reactivates the immune system.

Features of Arkocapsulas Propolis 40 Capsules

The Arkocapsulas Propolis 42 Capsules it contains in its formulation Propolis which is a resinous balsamic polymer made by bees using the buds of trees and shrubs, which generates an increase in the body's defenses, prevents colds and promotes the health of the throat.

  • Each capsule contains 178 mg of purified Propolis.
  • Its consumption is suitable for celiacs and people allergic to egg or milk.
  • It helps to provide strength to the immune system.
  • Its presentation is made in a package that includes 42 capsules.

Indications of Arkocapsulas Propolis 40 Capsules

This treatment has been indicated for those people who need to provide a natural antibiotic and antiseptic effect to the body, resulting in an increase in the body's defense capacity and in the prevention of respiratory conditions.

It contains flavonoids in its formulation that favor its anti-flu effect, providing effective care to the body against viruses and temperature changes in seasonal changes.

The frequent intake of these Propolis capsules helps the body by causing an improvement in its natural protection, while reactivating the normal functions of the immune system.

How should I take Arkocapsulas Propolis 40 Capsules

It is recommended to take two capsules of Arkocapsulas Propolis at breakfast and two during dinner, if an increased dose is needed, a maximum of three capsules can be consumed in each intake.You can find it here always at the best cheap promotion price. Buy now.