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Arkocapsulas Garlic 45 capsules


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Arkocapsulas Garlic 45 capsules naturally it is the plant from which we extract the bulb that acts in processes of circulatory improvement.

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Arkocapsulas Garlic 45 capsules it is a food supplement that has been made using powdered garlic in order to prevent cardiovascular diseases, with antifungal effect and intestinal disinfectant.

Its consumption does not cause bad breath; it also provides the various positive qualities of garlic as it includes among its components aliin and ajoene, favoring heart health, reducing platelet aggregation.

Its intake improves fibrinolytic activity resulting in the annexation of excellent antithrombotic qualities, also eradicates the risk of suffering from arteriosclerosis and stroke.

The nutrients provided by garlic cause beneficial effects in the body such as the regulation of hypertension and cholesterol.

How can Arkocapsulas Garlic Help me 45 capsules

Its main component exerts a reduction in platelet aggregation and exerts an increase in the sensitivity of fibrinolytic activity, since these two conjugated actions provide excellent antithrombotic qualities.

Collaborates in the reduction of platelet aggregation and significantly increases fibrinolytic activity, these two mixed actions provide excellent antithrombotic qualities.

It causes a hypolipidemic and hypocholesterolemic action that prevents arteriosclerosis and vascular accidents that are related to it.

It benefits blood circulation generating as a consequence a regulatory effect of arterial hypertension, while maintaining normal cholesterol levels.

In addition, it has recently been proven that it is not only bacteriostatic, but also antifungal and promotes intestinal disinfection.

The excellent qualities of these capsules originate from substances of a sulfur nature, such as alliin and ajoene, which are passed through a process that helps prevent bad breath from originating from their consumption and increases their results.

Properties of Arkocapsulas Garlic 48 capsules

These excellent capsules have been presented in cryomolid powder, which is previously frozen and finely ground, in order to exert an excellent efficiency generating its results as a result of the conservation of its components.

These capsules have an innovative manufacturing method that excludes the natural enzymatic variation of garlic that causes the bad smell by eliminating the sulfur compound that causes it after consumption.

In order to prevent this result from occurring and preserve fresh breath, a disruption in the progression of the natural enzymatic process is generated thanks to the formation of a gastro-resistant coating.

All this process results in the preservation of the excellent qualities that garlic provides in the circulation, as well as all the other healing properties.

When consuming it, unpleasant burps or repetitions of the natural flavor of garlic from the stomach to the mouth do not originate. Although each gastro-resistant capsule includes micronized garlic bulb powder or Allium sativum L.

How should I take the Arkocapsulas Garlic 48 capsules

To generate its excellent results it is recommended to consume a daily capsule of Arkocapsules Garlic in the company of the main meals of the day, always accompanied by a glass of water to favor its intake.

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