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Arkocaps Glucomannan 150 capsules


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Arkocaps Glucomannan 150 capsules with a net weight of 90 grams they are perfect to help slim down with a low calorie diet thanks to their concentration in Konjac. In size Saving 150 capsules are perfect dietary supplement to combine in any diet.

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The Arkocaps Glucomannan 150 capsules they have been made using glucomannan as the main ingredient, which includes a high fiber content that favors those people who want to lose weight.

This supplement has been developed by Arkopharma as a result of its great experience and high manufacturing standards, resulting in the use of all the active ingredients provided by glucomannan.

The glucomannan of konjac provides nutrients that originate excellent qualities to the body, which when accompanied with the consumption of a diet of low caloric content favors the reduction of weight favoring the silhouette.

How can Arkocapsulas Glucomannan help me 150 capsules

To make these capsules, the component known as glucomannan is used, which is extracted from the tubers of konjac cola in order to provide excellent benefits to the body, such as:

  • As a result of its excellent fiber content it helps to generate a feeling of satiety, while helping the stomach slowly vacate to improve intestinal transit, normalizing appetite to help weight loss.

  • It generates a decrease in the values of free fatty acids and cholesterol in the blood favoring the metabolism of fats, while helping to reduce the risk of suffering from some type of heart disease.

  • It causes an improvement in intestinal transit by increasing the volume of feces as a result of the reactivation of the reproduction of the intestinal microbiota, generating a prebiotic effect.

  • It helps to balance blood sugar levels, resulting in greater control of diabetes.

  • It collaborates in the production of an anti-inflammatory effect in the body, reducing in turn the production of pro-inflammatory substances such as atopic dermatitis and allergic rhinitis.

  • It originates a greater bioavailability while helping to generate a better assimilation of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

  • Thanks to its fiber content it prevents colorectal cancer from arising, resulting in a prebiotic effect that improves bacterial flora achieving greater care of the intestine.

Indication of Arkocapsules Glucomannan 150 capsules

The Arkocaps Glucomannan 150 capsules they have been developed to promote the health of adults, since it favors the reduction of weight by being accompanied by the consumption of a reduced calorie diet.

Glucomannan provides a large amount of soluble fibers that favor the health and normal functioning of the body, since it prevents inflammatory diseases in the intestine, such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

In addition, its soluble fiber content improves the fight against pathogenic microorganisms, collaborating in the improvement of the intestine, balancing the immune system and generating an improvement in the systemic immune response.

How should I take Arkocapsulas Glucomannan 150 capsules

It is recommended to ingest a total of 3 capsules of Arkocapsules Glucomannan, half an hour before consuming lunch and dinner, although a capsule can be ingested in the middle of the morning if required.

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