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Arkocaps Ginseng 84 Capsules


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Arkocaps Ginseng 84 Capsuless an energy complex that reduces tiredness and fatigue, a complement for your day to day that provides the natural and necessary energy in your day to day. with a base of natural ginseng cryomolide root is source of energy and vigor at any time of the day. Adult dose of 4 capsules.

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Arkocaps Ginseng 84 Capsules it has been made from Ginseng, in order to generate a reactivation of the physical capacities of the body as a result of the active principles it includes and its synergistic action.

It is important to mention that Ginseng has a fairly common use in phytotherapy, to collaborate in the increase of both physical and intellectual performance of the person who consumes them frequently.

In addition, it helps to improve cognitive function as a result of the generation of an increase in the ability to think and in consciousness; at the same time it provides an anti-inflammatory effect by its components known as ginsenosides that originate an immunosuppressive action.

How can Arkocapsulas Ginseng 84 Capsules help me

The Arkocaps Ginseng they generate excellent results in the body by favoring the normal functions of the body, both young people and older adults, among which we can mention:

  • Cancer: the consumption of these capsules frequently generate a reduction in the risk of some types of cancer such as lung, liver, pancreas, ovaries and stomach; while it helps to slow the growth of tumors.

  • Energy spout: it can be ingested when an increase in energy is required to improve physical and mental performance in those who suffer from weakness and tiredness, it helps people with cancer who suffer from fatigue to feel better.

  • Heart health: includes component that originate its antioxidant effect, collaborating in the release of free radicals from the body preventing DNA deterioration from causing heart disease, diabetes, among others.

  • Normalization of cholesterol: helps to generate a reduction of bad cholesterol levels, increasing the values of good cholesterol.

  • Blood pressure: some studies have concluded that it favors blood pressure, as it has been concluded that it increases the pressure in normal doses, and decreases it when ingested at fairly high doses.

  • Type 2 diabetes: frequent consumption of ginseng capsules helps lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

  • Mental performance: when consuming the capsules the person will feel quite alert, while thinking and learning is slightly improved.

  • Influenza and RSV: generates an aid in the treatment and onset of the flu, especially respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV; as it improves the development of the immune system, working with the body in fighting infection and disease.

  • It generates a favorable development of the amount of immune cells in the blood and resulting in a better response of the immune system to any disease.

  • Anti-inflammatory results: it includes a component known as ginsenoside that generates an immunosuppressive action in the body.

How should I take Arkocapsulas Ginseng 84 Capsules

To provide better results should consume a total of 4 capsules of Arkocaps Ginseng a day, 2 at breakfast and 2 with lunch.

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