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In Aquileia, specialists in natural products since 1978, our goal is to help you find a natural alternative to any question related to your well-being

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  • Aquileia Minibodyfat Aquileia Minibodyfat
    Out of stock
    Aquileia Minibodyfat

    Aquileia Minibodyfat capsules, Aquliea manufactures a complex ideal for people who want to gain muscle mass and lose that skin flAccida, thanks to the CLA and green tea promotes the loss of fluids and gain muscle.

    20,12 €
  • Aquileia Magnesium 14 comp Aquileia Magnesium 14 comp
    Out of stock
    Aquileia Magnesium 14 comp

    Aquileia Magnesium 14 effervescent tablets, essential for people with deficiency states or deficit of magnesium as athletes or pregnant women. To take one everyday. WITHOUT SUGAR

    3,80 €
  • Aquileia Magnesium Potassium 14 Effervescent Tablets
    Out of stock
    Aquileia Magnesium Potassium 14 Effervescent Tablets

    Food supplement Recovery of muscle tone. Helps to restore the lost minerals. Reduces muscle cramps. For athletes or people who perform physical efforts. Suitable for celiacs.

    6,00 € -31.6167% 4,10 €
  • Aquileia Minicelulina 12 doses Aquileia Minicelulina 12 doses
    Out of stock
    Aquileia Minicelulina 12 doses

    Aquileia Minicelulina 12 doses of 10 ml ampoules of specific treatment of cellulite with a formula draining from algae, grape seed and green tea, improves circulation, and reduces the volume.

    17,26 €

EnAquilea, specialists in natural products since 1978, our goal is to help you find unaalternativa naturala any question related contu well-being. With over thirty years of dedication to the development of natural products, Aquileia has established itself as one of lasmarcas of referenciade natural products in Spain.

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