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Aquilea Infusion Chamomile 20 Sachets


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  • Suitable for carrying out infusions.
  • Made on the basis of chamomile.
  • Aimed at heavy digestions.
  • Fights against poor digestion and heaviness.
  • Reduces the feeling of bloating after meals.
  • Presentation of 20 envelopes.

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What is Aquilea Infusion Chamomile 20 Sachets?

Aquilea Infusion Chamomile 20 Sachets it has been developed for the realization of chamomile infusions, providing a healthy, pleasant and natural way to prevent poor digestion, heaviness, and feeling of inflammation after meals.

It has been made using natural components that provide comfort after each meal, so it includes chamomile which is a plant commonly used in naturopathic medicine and causes excellent results in the control of some body ailments.

With the Purchase from these sachets a dose of chamomile is acquired for the preparation of infusions that also collaborate with the improvement in the production of gastric juices and in the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the stomach, improving digestion and intestinal transit.

Why Buy Aquilea Infusion Chamomile 20 Sachets in Pharmacy Market?

These sachets have been made with chamomile that provides a superior fibrous potential, causing excellent results in improving digestion, since it is a medicinal plant that causes excellent results in the digestive system.

It provides beneficial properties that favor the reduction of inflammation of the area that presents pain as a result of the lactone content that includes chamomile and causes a beneficial sedative effect to reduce anxiety, stress and sleep states.

Can be purchased at a wonderful Price, since chamomile infusion generates an improvement in digestive health, especially one that presents negative changes as a result of the rush and stress that originates in the day to day, reducing bloating, heaviness and gas.

In addition, this infusion collaborates with the reduction of gastrointestinal spasms, distension and flatulence, while favoring the reduction of colic since it generates a beneficial antispasmodic, carminative and digestive effect.

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In our parapharmacy these envelopes have with Offers that they will help you enjoy the numerous benefits provided by chamomile, among which is the antiseptic effect that originates during eye washes.

As a result of its content of natural ingredients, it can be consumed with total confidence by celiacs, diabetics and those allergic or intolerant to lactose, resulting in excellent results in improving digestion by consuming a natural product.

Benefits of Aquilea Infusion Chamomile 20 Sachets

Aquilea Infusion Chamomile 20 Sachets it can be used with total confidence by those with heavy digestions, preventing the process from not being carried out correctly and taking longer than normal.

It can be consumed with by anyone at any time of the day, using an envelope for each cup by adding boiling water and letting it stand for approximately 2 to 5 minutes.

Composition of Aquilea Infusion Chamomile 20 Sachets

Chamomile (Feverfew chamomilla L.)

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