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Aquilea Enrelax 48 Capsules


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  • It brings relaxation.
  • Suitable in times of transient stress.
  • Presentation of 48 capsules.
  • It includes natural ingredients.
  • Improves sleep.
  • It contains a concentrated formula.

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What is Aquilea Enrelax 48 Capsules

Aquilea Enrelax 48 Capsulesit is a food supplement made from ingredients of natural origin and that has a beneficial presentation in capsules that makes its intake easier.

For its elaboration, a beneficial mixture has been generated that includes valerian, passionflower and hawthorn, which have been used in a traditional way to collaborate with relaxation, causing excellent results in moments of stress and tension.

In our parapharmacy there are excellent Price that will allow you to be relaxed and calm, especially in stages of transient stress as a result of its natural formula that contains a selection of natural extracts.

Why buy Aquilea Enrelax 48 Capsuleson Farmaciamarket?

In our parapharmacy you will find this wonderful food supplement with an excellent Offer that will effectively help you to go through those stages in which you usually feel transient stress, nervousness, irritability or restlessness.

Generating excellent results in periods when you have problems falling asleep, causing the quality of life of those who ingest it not to decrease, since it has been made with a more concentrated formula.

Its content of ingredients of natural origin favors the conservation of states of relaxation, favoring the decrease inthe feeling of stress, achieving a greater sense of calm and providing effective care to the heart, preventing cardiovascular problems.

Get the best prices on offer from Aquilea Enrelax 48 Capsules

In our parapharmacy you can Buy these capsules that will provide you with an excellent help in the conciliation of sleep, since it generates a beneficial relaxing effect as a result of its content of totally harmless plant extracts and without side effects.

Benefits of Aquilea Enrelax 48 Capsules

These capsules have been made using extracts of Valerian officinalis, Passifloraincarnata and Crataegusoxyacantha, which are plants traditionally used to collaborate with relaxation, improving rest and sleep, generating the following results:

  • Hawthorn: generates a beneficial antioxidant effect, while collaborating with the fight against anxiety, insomnia, stress or nerves.
  • Passionflower: it causes excellent results by decreasing the period to fall asleep, keeping you calmer and more relaxed as a result of its relaxing and calming effects.
  • Valerian: generates antidepressant actions in a natural way, effectively collaborating with the reduction of anxiety symptoms, while providing anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions.

Benefits of Aquilea Enrelax 48 Capsules

Aquilea Enrelax 48 Capsules it can be consumed when you are going through moments of nervousness, irritability, restlessness and lack of sleep, preventing it from generating alterations in our quality of life.

If what you are looking for is to improve relaxation, it is advisable to take 3 capsules throughout the day. If you want to facilitate sleep, you should consume 2 capsules 2 hours before bedtime, it may be  accompanied by a glass of water.

Composition of Aquilea Enrelax 48 Capsules

Each capsule of Enrelax contains 100 mg of valerian root extract, 100mg of passionflower plant extract, 100 mg of hawthorn flower extract, gelatin.