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Aquilea Detox 10 Sticks


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  • It prevents fats from accumulating in the body.
  • Reduces and controls fluid retention.
  • Includes ingredients of plant origin.
  • Promotes detoxification.
  • Provides digestive comfort.
  • Presentation in sticks.

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What is Aquilea Detox 10 Sticks?

Aquilea Detox 10 Sticks it is a nutritional supplement made from ingredients of natural origin in order to collaborate with the cancellation of fats found in food, preventing them from being deposited in the body. 

It includes components that favor the reduction and control of fluid retention that causes the main symptoms of overweight, since it includes a mixture of green tea, artichoke, boldo, horsetail, birch and wild thought.

Its intake promotes the control of fat metabolism, detoxification, digestive comfort and the expulsion of water in a more natural way.

What benefits does it bring Aquilea Detox 10 Sticks?

It is a treatment specially formulated to carry out an express plan of 10 days that allows to detoxify the body and the skin, causing a double result, since it generates detox and fat burning effect.

With its intake a collaboration is generated in the expulsion of toxins from the skin as a result of its content of active principles that favors the purification of the body, and can be used as a supplement in slimming diets.

Its formulation originates an improvement in digestive comfort, while intervening in the elimination of liquids to effectively reduce the sensation of inflammation, heaviness and swollen legs.

What are the active ingredients of Aquilea Detox 10 Sticks?

For its preparation aloe vera is included, specifically its mucilage since it includes a large amount of water and causes a barrier effect that prevents dehydration of the body, while including in its composition:

  • Green tea: it provides a beneficial diuretic and fat burning effect that favors the control of fat metabolism.
  • Artichoke: it provides a diuretic action that favors the detoxification of the skin.
  • Boldo: provides digestive comfort, generates an improvement in digestion and prevents heaviness.
  • Horsetail: increases the elimination of water to decrease volume and eliminate the feeling of heaviness and inflammation in the legs.
  • Birch: collaborates with the body's detoxification processes.
  • Wild thinking: it generates an improvement in the elimination of toxins from the skin.
  • It includes a delicious pineapple flavor.

Who is Aquilea Detox 10 Sticks for?

Aquilea Detox 10 Sticks it has been formulated for people who want to detoxify their body, so Aquilea has developed an express plan of 10 days that can be used during stages of higher caloric consumption such as Christmas dinners, weddings, parties, etc.

It generates excellent results as a supplement in weight loss regimes and treatments to reduce body fat, favoring all those who seek an improvement in their body well-being and want superior body care.

With its usual intake it is possible to prepare the body for before and after summer, while it does not include gluten so it can be ingested by celiacs.

Composition of Aquilea Detox 10 Sticks

Artichoke Extract (1000 Mg), Green Tea Extract (400 Mg), Wild Thought Extract (90 Mg), Horsetail Extract (80 Mg), Birch Extract (60 Mg), Boldo Extract (40 Mg) And Aloe Vera (10 Mg).

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