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Aquaglide is a brand of products that have been designed to seduce and be seduced, achieving experience various moments of passion, as well as a large number of endless hours of devotion, and fusion.

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This line of products originates not there are limits to the imagination, so that they can be used with toys, solo or in couples, as they have been made with different bases that contribute to the sexual act more fullness and intensity.

Their products have great lubricating properties that they manage to overcome the discomfort intimate and vaginal dryness, to the time that offer the most durable in the bedroom or in the place where it is used.

What experience has AQUAglide on the market?

Lubricants AQUAglide, they are considered as one of the best lubricants on the market making them so compatible with the use of latex condoms.

This brand is manufactured by the German firm JOYDIVISION, and was founded in 1994 when "The Loveswing" established a new point of reference for the products on the market ies).

This brand of lubricants has become the ideal complement to intimate encounters, since more than ten years attest to this range of products that have been used by both men as the european women, making it the preferred and most popular.

In general, these products have been developed with a neutral pH and have been dermatologically tested so that it does not present any side effect, providing greater security to its users.

Why use products Aquaglide?

The many advantages of the lubricant AQUAglide makes it indispensable in the sexual relations, because among its features we can find that is approved as a medical product, and its products are subject to a constant quality control.

Can be used for intercourse, oral, exhibit lubricating properties of long duration, pH optimized, its manufacturing is done in Germany, is subject to various medical tests and dermatological on a regular basis.

What are the lubricants of Aquaglide?

Aquaglide contains an excellent range of products which possess various types of presentations and different packaging with different capacities, which depend on the need of the client, these being 50 ml, 200 ml and 1000 ml.

  • Among the main components that are found in their products are water, glycerin, hydroxyethyl cellulose, methyl-paraben and imidazolidinil urea.

  • All of their products are fully compatible with condoms and any type of sex toys.

  • A large number of their products are edible, and can be used during oral sex.

  • For its production, taking into account the contribution of an optimal pH, which are water-soluble and fat-free.

  • Some products include different flavors such as strawberry, cherry, raspberry and exotic, as there are also products with a neutral taste.

  • All their products are tested dermatologically and clinically.

  • Can be used with total safety during the vaginal sex, anal, and oral.

  • Provides unique properties of lubrication for long life.

  • Do not generate spots and are very easy to remove.

  • They can be used both by men and women.

  • Are not contraceptive and does not contain spermicide.

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