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  • Tecnimed Suede Anti-Fog
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Tecnimed Suede Anti-Fog

    No liquid added. Antiestatica. Soft touch. Duration of 12 Hours. Bag with self seal closure.

    2,95 € -33.9627% 1,95 €
  • Thermodr Body Cushion Seeds
    Thermo dr Body Cushion Seeds

    Thermo dr Body Cushion Seeds

    15,00 € -27.0161% 10,95 €
  • Braun Thermometer Thermoscan IRT 6520
    Braun Thermometer Ear Thermoscan 7 IRT 6520

    Ear thermometer Fever indicator Adjustable in function of the age. Fast, smooth and easy to use. Stores the last 9 temperatures. Your screen is color-coded.

    70,00 € -32.1348% 47,50 €
  • Zero One Spray anti-Fog 60ml
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Zero One Spray anti-Fog 60ml

    Zero One Spray anti-Fog 60ml

    6,00 € -10.0567% 5,40 €
  • Berrcom Thermometer Infrared Non Contact Gun JXB-178 Berrcom Thermometer Infrared Non Contact Gun JXB-178
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Berrcom Thermometer Infrared Non Contact Gun JXB-178

    It is a thermometer in the shape of a gun. It has infrared technology. You do not need contact with the sick. It is developed by the brand Berrcom. It works on batteries. Measures the temperature in just 1 second.

    40,00 € -27.6118% 28,96 €
  • Pic Tensiometro Easy Rapid Pic Tensiometro Easy Rapid
    Pic Tensiometro Easy Rapid

    Pic Tensiometro Easy Rapid

    59,95 € -25.0183% 44,95 €
  • IHealth PT3 thermometer infrared non-contact IHealth PT3 thermometer infrared non-contact
    Delivery in 24 hours
    IHealth PT3 infrared thermometer non-contact

    It serves to measure the temperature. It is ergonomic and lightweight. Measures the temperature in 1 second. It is white in color. Is an infrared thermometer. Used without having contact.

    79,95 € -50.026% 39,95 €
  • Pic Tensiometro Clear Rapid
    Pic Tensiometro Clear Rapid

    Pic Tensiometro Clear Rapid

    69,95 € -14.2881% 59,96 €
  • Pic Tensiometro Smart Rapid
    Pic Tensiometro Smart Rapid

    Pic Tensiometro Smart Rapid

    59,95 € -25.0183% 44,95 €
  • Disop anti-Fog 60 ml Disop anti-Fog 60 ml
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Disop anti-Fog 60 ml

    Disop anti-Fog 60 ml

    8,00 € -31.1813% 5,51 €
  • Braun Oxymeter 1 Set
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Braun Oxymeter 1 Pulse Oximeter

    It measures oxygen levels in the blood. It's for home use. It is for use in adults. It is for use in people with chronic lung diseases. It has a fast measurement. Delivers reliable results.

    29,95 € -13.3406% 25,95 €
  • Braun Thermometer Thermoscan 3 IRT 3030
    Braun Thermometer Ear Thermoscan 3 IRT 3030

    Design fast and smooth. Easy to use. Acoustic indicator of fever. Reading in a second. Suitable for the whole family. Promotes the monitoring of the temperature.

    49,95 € -40.0436% 29,95 €
  • Braun Thermometer Digital PRT1000
    Braun Thermometer Digital PRT1000

    Braun Digital Thermometer PRT1000 a conventional thermometer with technology braun, a measurement response of 10 seconds, with toe cap and flexible with a professional precision range of braun thermometers. it is an apparatus of quality at the best price online to buy in your non-online leader of sales in thermometers braun.

    9,99 € -20.0969% 7,99 €
  • Braun spare Parts Thermoscan 40 units
    Braun spare Parts Thermoscan 40 units

    Spare parts For thermometer ear braun thermoscan with 40 interchangeable units and single-use. are valid for any thermometer braun, you Should always use the protector because that is when braun ensures that the mediccion of the thermometer will be

    9,99 € -20.46% 7,95 €
  • Pulse Oximeter Creative Medical Pc 60A Pulse Oximeter Creative Medical Pc 60A
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Creative Medical Pc 60A Finger Pulse Oximeter

    Compact size. It is used with the finger. Easy to carry. Easy to use. Bright screen. Pulse bar

    39,95 € -25.0375% 29,95 €
  • Braun Electric Nasal Aspirator Braun Electric Nasal Aspirator
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Braun Electric Nasal Aspirator

    No manual suction cup required. It is a device that requires batteries. Gently removes congestion. Includes two smooth settings. It contains two comfortable tips. It is quite quiet and comfortable.

    39,95 € -25.0375% 29,95 €
  • Visofar Humidifier Ultrasonic Mini
    Visofar Humidifier Ultrasonic Mini

    Visofar Humidifier Ultrasonic Mini Model 2760 with compact and modern design. 8 hours of autonomy.

    49,95 €
  • Enn Fever Monitor Digital Thermometer blue Enn Fever Monitor Digital Thermometer blue
    Product available with different options
    Enn Fever Monitor, Digital Thermometer

    Enn Fever Monitor Digital Termometro smart is simply putting on the skin and controlling the temperature 24 hours at any time or point of control. Thanks to the application of the mobile you can control the temperature at any point where you have internet. Distance and safe for any person.Contains 10 gauze pads adhesive

    36,57 €
  • Mascarillas Higienica Adulto Triple Capa Caja 50 Unidades Mascarillas Higienica Adulto Triple Capa Caja 50 Unidades
    Entrega en 24 horas
    Masks Higienicas Adult Triple-Layer Box 50 Units

    Mask Higienica 3 Layers. 5 Convenient packages of 10 masks each one. 50 Units per box. 4 Hours of Use. NOT Reusable Origin - China Test Report

    10,95 € -18.2283% 8,95 €
  • Braun Wrist Tensiometer Icheck 7
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Braun Wrist Tensiometer Icheck 7

    Generates smart readings. Faster result. Syncs with the braun healthy heart app. Allows you to track your progress. Color-coded. 2 alkaline batteries type AA/lr6, 1.5 v.

    90,00 € -22.2777% 69,95 €
  • thermoval duo scan thermometer forehead ear
    Out of stock
    Thermoval Duo Scan thermometer forehead-ear

    Thermoval Duo Scan is a Thermometer that measures the temperature in two possible variants of immediate notes: the measurement of the front and the measurement of the ear, ideal for avoiding the annoying measurements in English and armpits, ideal for babies.

    39,95 €
  • Tensiometro Hartmann Classic
    Out of stock
    Tensiometro Hartmann Classic

    Tensiometro Hartmann Classic is a tensiometro wrist with an easy way of handling that measures blood pressure maxima, minima and pulsation of the heart, the simplest of the market within the laboratory market leader.

    35,60 €
  • Tensiometro Omron M6 Comfort Tensiometro Omron M6 Comfort
    Out of stock
    Tensiometro Omron M6 Comfort

    Tensiometro Omron M6 Comfort, a tensiometro completisimo almost professional, highly recommended for people with problems of high blood pressure with a special concern and sensitive by its tension, it has cuff suitable for sizes M and L with perimeter between 22cm and 42cm, Detects arrhythmias and with a double system of detection which ensures the...

    86,53 €
  • Tensiometro Omron M3 Tensiometro Omron M3
    Out of stock
    Tensiometro Omron M3

    Tensimetro Omron M3 is the detector of blood pressure but sold by will price and easy access management, with 60 memories and average values, with a sleeve between 22 and 32 cm fácilita all types of measurements, Control your tension in maner Simple. MODEL 2012

    59,58 €
  • Tensiometro Omron R2 Tensiometro Omron R2
    Out of stock
    Tensiometro Omron R2

    Tensiometro OMRON Wrist R2 , to measure your blood Pressure without the need of putting on sleeves, straight from the wrist tomato tension so easy , for people who travel much and need to tomarsela autonomously, fast and simple, and monitor large numbers that make it easier to display. MODEL 2012

    50,00 €
  • Tensiometro Omron R3 Tensiometro Omron R3
    Out of stock
    Tensiometro Omron R3

    Tensiometro OMRON Wrist R3, the most sold, for its easy access, large numbers and accuracy, to the need to measure fast, simple and immediate, the most used and recommended, and with the best views of specialists, detects arrhythmias and has 42 memories, with function average of three measurements. MODEL 2012

    59,96 €
  • Humidoo Hunidificador air
    Out of stock
    Humidoo air Humidifier

    Humidoo air Humidifier for bedroom baby, compact and with a design that makes it hold moisture in the room of your baby.

    52,99 €
  • Humidoo Xl Hunidificador air
    Out of stock
    Humidoo XL air Humidifier

    Humidoo XL Humidifier for baby room, keeps the moisture optima to improve breathing problems in the baby.

    69,99 €
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