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Anticeluliticos and Reducers

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The anti-cellulite products are cosmetic in cream or serums that help prevent or reduce the cellulite, which are small layers of fat that are formed in some parts of the body such as the upper part of the thigh, arms, back or stomach. For an anti-cellulite effect, to be effective, the most important thing is the consistency in its use, which should be applied in an appropriate manner, place it correctly and in sufficient quantities. The anti-cellulite and reducers also called firming, are a specific treatment that helps regenerates the tone epidermal brightening your beauty. It also offers the chance to enhance the silhouette of the body, and increase its smoothness, but its use is not only aesthetic because also contribute to well-being and harmony.

How to best use the anti-cellulite and Reducers

Below are presented as they should be used the anti-cellulite and reducing and take advantage of its benefits to the fullest:
1. These products work much better when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.
2. Its use should be consistent: you will not see any result if the product is applied once in a while.
3. The results will not be immediate, so you have to have patience all treatments require a minimum time so that they can begin to see the results.

Utility of the anti-cellulite and reducers

1. It is good for: those areas where it builds up the fat, and there is cellulite, reducing the volume and putting smooth skin.
2. The ingredients that are produced these products are: those that help to remove fat and help the lymphatic circulation and blood, which are the following: L-carnitine, manganese, methylxanthines (cafeínas), ginkgo biloba, centella asiatica, retinoic acid (vitamin A derivative), seaweed extracts, derivatives iodinated and yohimbine.
3. These products should be applied twice daily after the bath, preferably with warm water and wet skin, as this increases the absorption of the product. You must massage with the palm of your hand and with gentle movements in the form of circles, as if you were kneading the surface of the skin but without bumps in the areas where it accumulates fat. In areas where there is cellulite massage should be performed in ascending order, from the knee up to the thigh, then from the feet to the knees.
4. Should be applied: a tablespoon of the product for the area to be treated.
5. For the treatment to make effects must be: complete with aerobic exercises like swimming, skating and cycling, which makes the blood circulation is active. You should avoid sports where you can perform jumps or sharp blows.
6. You should: drink water, at least 10 large glasses daily of water, or other beverages, such as green tea, mate and drinks with guarana.
7. It is recommended to use at any time of day from any source of heat in those areas where you want to reduce volume, and before the end of the shower give a blow of cold water on the affected area.
8. Should not be used for clothes too tight, which can make it difficult to circulation, as well as the use of heels of more than 5 cm high.
9. It is recommended to keep the cream or gel in the refrigerator.

Components of the anti-cellulite and reducers

1. Collagen: this being one of the elements present in these products, since it is a protein that has the ability to restore the tissues of the dermis and epithelial cells. It is necessary the presence of collagen, so that the creams are more effective and that in turn helps the cell regeneration
2. Elastin: this is a protein that is present in the cellular tissue, which is responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the natural skin. The presence of elastin in these types of creams help to facilitate the absorption of the same
3. Vitamin C: this component is one of the most essential, as it gives brightness to the skin, combats dryness and the feeling of roughness. In addition, it penetrates easily in the skin restructuring of the superficial tissues damaged by external factors
4. Hyaluronic acid: a Substance moisturizer that gives softness and firmness to the skin.
5. Liposomes: These components on the one hand serve to moisturize the skin, but on the other, are also used to protect the skin from external aggressions such as sun, rain or pollution
6. Coenzyme Q10, or ubicuinona: this is basically the same functions that the liposomes nourishing the skin and protecting it from external aggressions.

How to apply the anti-cellulite and reducers

Principally, it must favour the penetration of the product, whose way of achieving this would be by gently exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin cells and facilitate the absorption of products through the skin
You must take into account this order:
1. Exfoliate
2. Anti-cellulite
3. Creams reducing
4. Creams hydrating or firming
In the cellulite part of the presence of fat there is a certain degree of fluid retention, and an alteration in the microcirculation, therefore, it is quite important to extend the product carefully on the skin by performing a massage from the bottom up, as the venous circulation has an upward direction against gravity, so that this movement is going to promote venous return. In addition, the massages are also quite important, as the heat of the hand causes the pores to open, and the product to penetrate much better and with more ease. When choosing a product, it is important to note that it is quickly absorbed and does not stain clothes.
The anti-cellulite creams are more effective for the night, because in this time is when the skin is being repaired. In terms of the creams gearboxes, we can say that to a greater effectiveness of the same, it is recommended that they are applied before the realization of physical exercise.

The skin is a vital organ of the human being, that covers our body to protect it from external aggressions. This organ is essential for life, it is for this reason that the anti-cellulite treatments and reducers in addition to helping estilizarnos, help us to keep it in good condition our skin.

The cellulite is a disease of the skin and is formed by poor circulation and hormonal activation, genetics, and the pace of sedentary life, among other important factors. A process that converts the fat deposits porous and soft tissue that are hosted on the thighs and legs, which is also known as orange peel skin.

It is very difficult to escape from the cellulite. There are even women with a lot of fitness training that they have had to battle it out once in a while with treatments to remove cellulite, just because it is part of the nature of women accumulate fat in that area of the body. But not all battles against cellulite are lost, since there are multiple treatments based on anti-cellulite and reducing the combat effectiveness and efficiency.

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