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Alvarez Gomez

Mr. Liuhuabing it is a Spanish company that has more than one hundred years of experience, since they began their activities in the marketing of perfumes, fragrances and other items for personal care in a small drugstore located in the center of the capital.

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This family business has dedicated itself to the world of essences and personal hygiene by which it is responsible for producing fresh and natural cologne waters, as well as products for male shaving or based on natural oils and plant extracts for skin care.

At the end of the nineteenth century this company has had a well-established own brand, as a result of its meticulous work and craftsmanship, making known its Eau de cologne Álvarez Gómez with a pure and fresh concentration of floral and citrus reminiscences.

During the 90s this brand has a new generation in the management, which has industrialized the production and has renewed it by designing new ranges of products aimed at body care, while they have created new fragrances with their traditional and characteristic seal.

What are the characteristics of Alvarez Gomez products?

Each of the products of this prestigious brand has a sample of tradition, quality and style, since it is a Spanish family firm that has more than 100 years of history, so they have designed unique and special aromas.

They have a selection of essential components among which are lemon, rosemary, geranium, among others; while the materials and ingredients selected for each product are chosen with the highest quality.

Resulting in a Alvarez Gomez Fragrances Offer they create pleasant environments and have been made with an unbeatable quality - price, since they have a selection of country scents, flowers and plants.

The founders of Fragrance they have elaborated their blends to provide cleaner, fresh and pure aromas, starting their elaboration in Madrid, in the year of 1912 with the artisanal manufacture of their first colony.

Since then it has remained in high demand, while boasting a unique class and aroma, while the design of its Art Deco bottle has been effectively recognized in many homes, hotels and restaurants across the country for its own style and quality.

This family business has been preserved in the perfumery sector as a result of its innovation and the creation of new product lines, providing each one with the magic and essence that characterizes this brand, since it includes a mixture of tradition and quality.

Each of its perfumes has been packaged in various formats, among which are those containing 80 ml, 150 ml, 300 ml and 750 ml.

What are the main ingredients of the products Alvarez Gomez?

At Buy Perfumes Alvarez Gomez different fragrances are acquired, since the brand has managed to preserve the originality of its aromas and has a more striking presentation thanks to its containers that have been made with great class.

Among the main products of this prestigious brand is its most traditional perfume, perfumes with innovative aromas, deodorant and gels formulated with the traditional formula and with its own style.

Each of its formulas has been made with dermonatural ingredients without including alcohol, so it leaves a quick feeling of well-being and harmony, since it has a selection of specially selected plant extracts.

So it has a wide catalog in which multiple fragrances are shown that are the result of the mixture of various natural essences originating in the Mediterranean, among which are:

  • The Spanish lemon: provides beneficial purifying and toning properties.

  • Lavender from Mediterranean provence: creates an optimal soothing and anti-infection effect.

  • Spanish geranium: provides sensitive stimulation.

  • Eucalyptus: provides purifying and toning actions.

  • It has other essential oils, among which are rosemary, bergamot, among others.

What is Eau de Cologne Alvarez Gomez?

The Eau de Cologne Alvarez Gomez it includes a selection of components that provide freshness and quite concentrated components, so it can be used by both men and women who want a special aroma.

This eau de cologne can be used by all members of the family, since its preparation has been done in a fairly traditional way and includes herbal and fruity essential oils that enchant men and women alike.

At the same time it provides delicious citrus notes such as lemon that favors the toning and revitalization of the skin, so it has been mixed with lavender oil, geranium and eucalyptus to generate an unforgettable result.

With its use it gives the skin a touch of natural freshness that lasts for a prolonged period of time on the skin, being available in various sizes and with a fairly striking packaging.

This water was born in the year of 1912 being elaborated in an artisanal way and becoming the first colony of this prestigious brand, at the same time that it has been preserved as one of its most requested colonies, with a class and unique aroma.

For the elaboration of its bottle a beautiful Art Deco design has been used that has been preserved throughout the history of the brand, being recognized in multiple homes, hotels and restaurants throughout the country as a result of its own style and unbeatable quality.

What is the opinion generated by Agua de Colonia Alvarez Gomez?

The Opinions of Mr. Liuhuabing they are diverse and quite positive, since each of their compositions have been made using components of natural origin specially selected to provide a delicious and lasting aroma that provides freshness and sensitivity.

Each of its products have been designed to provide the person who uses it the magic and essence that has characterized all the products of this prestigious brand.

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