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  • Almiron Profutura 1 Duobiotik 800g
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    Almiron Profutura 1 Duobiotik 800g

    It's about artificial breastfeeding. It is for newborn children. It is an enriched formula. It does not contain palm oil. It does not contain milk fat. It comes in an 800grs format.

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  • Almiron Profutura 3 Duobiotik 800g
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    Almiron Profutura 3 Duobiotik 800g

    Growth Milk from 12 months. Without palm oil. It helps the Baby's immune System. With Vitamins C, D and B2. With Iron: Normal Cognitive Development. With oligosaccharides present in Breast Milk. With Calcium - Normal Growth and Development of Bones. Growth Milk Powder for Babies.

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A specific product for every need. Help your baby from the inside with our range of infant milks and their proprietary blend of prebiotic fibers, and our wide range of complementary feeding products. Almiron, the ideal combination.

Almiron it is a pioneer in developing solutions in child nutrition adapted to all needs. It also incorporates all the nutritional advances that allow us to offer products of the highest quality and confidence. That is why we add its entire range of products to the Pharmacy Market catalog, thus adding a prestigious brand to our parapharmacy. All these innovations have made Nutricia

Almirón the reference brand in child nutrition, offering an extensive line of milk and infant formula exclusively sold in pharmacies.