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Almiron Advance

Almirón Advance is a brand of Numil, an expert in child nutrition since the baby is practically a newborn. Despite encouraging breastfeeding (breast milk), have developed a whole range of nutritious foods with recipes carefully developed by nutritionists, pediatricians and pharmacists specializing in childhood nutrition, for those cases in which breastfeeding is not possible for various reasons (schedules, allergies, milk insufficient, mother, taking certain medication, ...). After more than 30 years of research have developed full formula which resemble each time more breast milk original, thus covering the needs that every baby needs in their different stages of growth.

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The commitment of Almiron has always been to offer the baby the best nourishment from the beginning of his life, which is why the brand is known as an expert in child nutrition and has invested 30 years in researching what is the balanced combination of nutrients that can help to build a solid health for the child that is growing.

The improvement of the power during the early years of life of infants is the main reason that encourages and promotes a well-known brand, which is still committed to the research, innovation and progress in the area.

Almiron Mark of the Success of baby milk

Almiron Advance has a product for each of the stages of the infant. Almiron Advance 1 is the latest innovation of the seal to feed the infant from the beginning of his life with a unique combination of nutrients, when the mother is not possible or is insufficient feeding.

Almiron Advance 2 is the follow-on milk is recommended for the next phase of development, between 6 and 12 months, which recommends a diversified diet as an adjunct to diet dairy. It features a proprietary blend of prebiotics, fatty acids, vitamins and iron, ideal for strengthening the immune system and intellectual development.

For children who already reach the first year of age, there is Almiron Advance 3. Nutrition experts recommend to include in your children's food, baby milk up to 36 months, as it ensures that an intake of at least 500 ml per day, help by providing protein and other nutrients of a complete diet and diversified. In addition to vitamins and iron, this formula contains calcium that promotes the development and strengthening of the bones.

In their full line of products, Almiron also has Almiron Advance 4, growth formula suitable from 2 and up to 3 years of age.

Different options of Almiron

Almiron Cream of Rice is recommended from 4 months of the baby, when it diversifies the diet of the child and include other elements. This option consists 100% of rice is ideal for the treatment of food in case of diarrhea. Contains vitamin B1, and has no added sugar, but with the sugar naturally present.

For its part, Almiron Advance Gluten-free Grains is suggested for children between 7 and 12 months when it expands the child's diet, as a complement to the option dairy. These cereals are fortified with iron to bring in the cognitive development of the infant and also contain vitamins C and D, in order to optimize the functioning of the immune system.

Offer Almirón

Milk infant boot: Almirón 1, from newborns to 6 months

Infant formula below: Almirón 2, from 6 months to 12 months

Milk infant growth: Almirón 3, from 12 months and up

Almiron Advance Prices

In our catalog of products Almiron, you will see that we offer the most competitive prices in the market and with a wide range of products.

Therefore, we have focused on a product's star for each one of these stages that provides advanced nutrition with a combination of nutrients balanced and unique that helps the little ones to build their future health because the power of a newborn is essential, because it depends on the correct development of the baby in the future. The offer Almirón includes:

Milk infant boot: Almirón 1, from newborns to 6 months

Infant formula below: Almirón 2, from 6 months to 12 months

Milk infant growth: Almirón 3, from 12 months and up

From then on: Almirón Advance.

In addition to other brands, complementary, to meet different needs: Almirón Infusion Rest, Almirón Infusion Digest, Almirón Cookies, ...

Milk Almirón advance is a milk adapted, a mixture developed by the team of experts Almirón, combining fatty acids DHA and AA, nucleotides, prebiotics (FOS and GOS), essential vitamins and minerals, with the star ingredient Pronutra (patented).

This whole set of substances, in addition to fostering the proper functioning of your organs and systems, take care especially of the digestive system to help you to correctly process the new foods you are receiving increasingly more complex. In addition, it contributes to the proper metabolism of fats and the creation of the defenses of your body, thanks to the nucleotides, vitamins and prebiotics that incorporates.

For its part, the fatty acids present in Almirón advance are very similar to those found in the breast milk of the baby, in order to ensure the proper development of the optical system and of the senses of the baby. Meanwhile, the essential minerals are essential for the strengthening of their skin, muscles and bones.

The formula Pronutra of Almirón advance guarantees a composition very similar to breast milk.

Acquire Almirón advance cheap is the best gift Almirón can do to dads and moms to ensure that their offspring will grow up healthy, strong, and properly as the products Almirón have in their factories with the most advanced technology, in compliance with the quality standards required by the Health Authorities, offering the highest level of assurance.

Buy Almirón Advance is to opt for responsible education of your baby.

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