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We offer the best products mouth with Algasiv, this in order to feel comfortable at all times of use, it is important to highlight, that we are specialized in products for the ease of use of a denture, as are the pads, cream, adhesive or in his absence, cream adhesive sensitive for a better grip of the teeth.

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  • Algasiv Top Promotion, 30 units
    Algasiv Top Promotion, 30 units

    Secure the prosthesis detales top.Unscented and without flavors.Adapts to the size of the prosthesis.Easy to remove.Prevents irritation and bad breath.Prevents the accumulation of food or beverages between the denture and the gums.

    11,95 € -23.0203% 9,20 €
  • Algasiv Lower than 30 units Offer
    Algasiv Lower than 30 units Offer

    Stick to the lower denture.Without flavors and odor free.Prevents the abuse between the gums lower.Stir it with total ease.Prevents irritation and unpleasant odors.Avoid moving the teeth

    11,95 € -23.0203% 9,20 €
  • Algasiv Lower Than 18 Units
    Algasiv Lower Than 18 Units

    Attaches easily to the lower denture.Presents No odors, or flavors.Prevents the friction between the gums and lower dentures.Can be removed with ease.Prevents irritation and unpleasant odors.Prevents debris build-up of food and drinks.

    7,50 € -20.088% 5,99 €
  • Algasiv Top 18 units
    Algasiv Top 18 units

    Attaches easily to the upper denture.Without flavors or odors.It is adaptable to prosthesis upper complete.It is easily removed and if they leave a residue.Prevents irritation and bad breath.Prevents the accumulation of food waste.

    7,50 € -20.088% 5,99 €

Algasiv Pads have been developed with the aim to provide double containment of a faster way, originating as a result an excellent sense of well-being and safety.

In their development they include top quality ingredients with the aim of providing a product that generates the greatest satisfaction, for what has changed, and added an extra layer of adhesive.

There are two types of pads a format for the upper denture and the other for the lower denture, with packaging that includes 18 and 30 pads. It is of great importance to mention that the formats of pads for teeth top and bottom are sold separately.

Benefits of Algasiv Pads

These adhesive pads have been specifically developed to make it more pleasant and simple, the use of dentures, since it includes a material soft enough that it fits perfectly to the teeth for a better grip.

Its development has been designed so that the effect of the saliva will provide power to the attachment, while working with the conservation of the stability of the denture, originating as a result a feeling of comfort maximum that lasts all day.

The use of these pads it protects the entire surface of the denture, with the purpose of avoiding any rubbing of the gums.

Provides a barrier effect that prevents the entry of food remains in the space between the gums and dentures, as it becomes an obstacle as a result of its perfect adaptation between these areas.

These pads conform to the shape of the mouth, as this changes with the passing of the years, at the same time that the oral mucosa becomes thinner and sensitive.

As a result of the reabsorption of the natural bone and the shrinkage of gums, the dentures often have problems to stabilize, especially those located in the lower jaw.

These pads are quite simple to use, since it only requires moisten before placing it in the denture to fit in the best way, its placement is tasteless and odorless, to the time they are removed in a very easy way without leaving any residue.

Features Algasiv Pads

Algasiv Pads provides excellent holding power that favors and generates security at the time of consuming any type of food, allowing you to eat the same with your teeth.

  • The different pads have a standard dimension.

  • They have been developed so that they can be trimmed according to the size that is required.

  • The pads for the upper denture and lower, are presented separately.

  •  Include a color which creates a help when placing the dentures, being of importance to place the area rose to the teeth if import has some minor differences, as this does not damage the fastener.

  • In its composition does not include wheat, gluten, or zinc.

  • The pad upper denture includes 7 mg of sodium, while the pads for lower denture containing 3.9 mg of sodium.

  • When you perform the cut of the pads with the purpose of adapting them to the dentures, these retain a dose of sodium less.

  • Take care of the gums as it prevents from causing chafing by the prosthetic loose.

  •  It removes easily without leaving any residue, so that it can be replaced fairly easy for another pad.

Indications of Algasiv Pads

These pads have been designed thinking about those people who use dentures with the aim of filling that space that emerges between the gum and the denture with the purpose of preventing the entry into this area of food residues and that creates some movement.

It is suggested you do not change the pad every day, making the removal of the soiled pad and placing a new one every day, once a day.

If a professional has created a rebase in the denture can continue to use these pads, although it suggests the prior approval of the dentist.

These adhesive pads have been developed with the purpose of generating excellent results without the need to use other products like powder or creams, because the fluid natural mouth collaborate with the strengthening of the effect of fixation.

Mode of Employment of Algasiv Pads

For best results it is recommended to place and remove Algasiv Pads all day, the way of performing this procedure is the same for both the upper denture as for the lower denture.

Placement of the Pads

Should you place a pad that is not wet on the teeth clean and trim any excess with the help of a pair of scissors with the purpose of determining the appropriate size, and then use this pad as a template.

  • It is recommended to trim other pads of the container according to the template made to avoid losing time and that in this way the routine placement of the denture is quick and easy.

  • We locate the pad already cut above the denture with the color white up and the area pink towards the bottom.

  • Should be moistened slightly using water and place it by pressing gently with your finger; it should not be wet too.

  •  Enter the denture in the mouth and bite it in a similar way during an approximate 5 seconds.

Removal of the Pads

To rule out the pad of the denture must be lifted up a corner of the same, and alar gently and remove the pad you will notice that nothing remains for what is lost time brushing the teeth.

these pads are removed in a fairly simple way, causing as a consequence the hygiene of the teeth will make cleaning immediately using the product of your choice.

When you place the denture in water in the evening hours it is recommended to cut a pad, with the purpose of starting the next day, the routine placement of a faster way.

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