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Algasiv Superior 18 units


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  • Easily adheres the upper denture.
  • No tastes or smells.
  • It is adaptable to complete upper prostheses.
  • It is easily removed and does not leave residue.
  • Avoid irritations and bad breath.
  • Avoid the deposit of food residues.

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It has been developed to provide the greatest adhesion, safety and confidence when using superior dental prostheses, since they have been developed with a guaranteed adhesion system.

They are pads through which the upper denture adheres to the gum regardless of whether it is complete or partial, in order to suppress friction with the gums, while offering a wide range of benefits.

They are padded pads that offer greater well-being and comfort, so their components guarantee a lasting fixation, since when in contact with moisture it generates greater adhesion.

Properties of Algasiv Superior 18 Units

These pads have been developed in order to obtain greater adhesion in the denture, while they are used in a fairly simple, comfortable and safe way on the upper gum.

With its daily use, it collaborates with the prevention of irritations that are generated in the gums as a result of rubbing with the dental prosthesis.

In addition, it is composed of carefully selected products in order to reduce the risk of discomfort; as well as the accumulation of residues that can generate oral diseases and bad breath.

Features of Algasiv Superior 18 Units

Algasiv Bottom 18 Units they are adherent pads that have the purpose of durably fixing the upper denture, while effectively preventing gum irritation caused by the use of prostheses.

  • Prevents the accumulation of food waste.
  • It offers a long-lasting fixation.
  • Because they are padded, they provide greater comfort and adaptation.
  • They are colorless and tasteless.
  • They are removed with total ease.

Indications of Algasiv Superior 18 Units

The adherent pads are made in order to hold the upper dental prostheses for long hours and in a safe and pleasant way, while taking care of and preserving the health of the gums.

They work as a protective shield due to the fact that they cover the entire surface of the denture. In the same way, they occupy the area between the denture and the gum; therefore, it generates greater fixation, although they are very easy to remove.

How to Use Algasiv Top 18 Units

At the time of starting the use of Algasiv Superior 18 Units the mouth should be thoroughly washed and subsequently the pad should be moistened and cover the surface of the upper denture.

If the size of the pad is larger than that of the prosthesis, remove the excess with scissors, making sure that it is completely stretched, and then place the prosthesis and fix it on the gum.

If you notice that the fixation has not taken place in the desired way, moisten the pad a little more, avoiding soaking it, place it again until the desired adhesion is achieved. To remove, take one end of the pad and pull it out.

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