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Adiprox Advanced Fluid Concentrate 325g


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Adiprox Advanced Fluid Concentrate 325g a concentrate-based natural products for the treatment of weight loss a product that favor the venous circulation provides energy thanks to AdiProXen® MS composed of derivatives of green tea, yerba mate, milk thistle and grape seed. Promotes the metabolism of fats. Just 15 milliliters in a glass of water is what you'll need to take.

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How I lose weight with Adiprox advanced fluid concentrate 325g

Lose weight with Adiprox advanced concentrated fluid 325g it's simple and it's natural. Composed of 100% natural products can complete so thanks to its action on the venous circulation and on the metabolism of fats because your movement of fats helps its loss.
Completing it with a little exercise and a healthy diet will clearly improve your results.
To make you feel better naturally.

  • Co-extract lyophilized leaves Green tea and grape seeds 300 mg it greatly increases metabolism and thermogenesis by increasing body temperature which makes it help you burn more fats.
  • Milk thistle, lyophilized extract of the pericarp of the fruit 91 mg a liver manager which will help our liver to achieve the metabolism of fats.
  • Yerba Mate, lyophilized extract of leaves 182 mg a natural diuretic which will make all those unmetabolized fats to be mined naturally.

Triple Action Adiprox

  • Fat burning action, thanks to green tea disables facilitates its mobilization and facilitates its elimination.
  • Fat remover, thanks to milk thistle that will help our body naturally to eliminate them easily.
  • Action eliminator of liquids and excess toxins thanks to yerba mate which is a natural diuretic.

A leading composition that with only 15 milliliters a day diluted in a glass of water will make it easier to care for the figure, weight loss, and the elimination of extra kilos.