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  • Arkoreal Syrup Protect the Strawberry Flavour 150 ml
    Arkoreal Syrup Protect the Strawberry Flavour 150 ml

    Helps to strengthen the immune system.Provides energy.Promotes the growth of children.Improves the feeling of appetite.Includes antioxidant components.Prevents the appearance of infections.

    10,00 € -36.8% 6,32 €
  • Almiron Gluten-Free Biscuits 250 g Almiron Gluten-Free Biscuits 250 g
    Almiron Gluten-Free Biscuits 250 g

    Ideal nutritional supplement at the beginning of complementary feeding Note! Suitable for babies from 4 months. For babies from +4 months the contents are dissolved in the bottle, for babies from +8 months it can be given undissolved. Made with corn, a very nutritious cereal that by its nature does not contain gluten With iron that contributes to the...

    4,00 € -24.925% 3,00 €
  • Almiron Crackers 6 cereals 180 g Almiron Crackers 6 cereals 180 g
    Almiron Crackers 6 cereals 180 g

    From the sixth month Suitable for 6 m+ Helps to provide energy Helps the normal cognitive development of children Helps the normal growth and development of bones

    3,00 € -16.7667% 2,50 €
  • Dhavit vitaminas 30 ml
    Dhavit vitamins, 15 ml

    Food supplement. Provides nutrients. Indicated for children. Vitamins, D, E, and A. Easy administration Presentation of 15 ml.

    22,00 € -16.15% 18,45 €
  • Imunoglukan P4H 120 ml Imunoglukan P4H 120 ml
    Imunoglukan P4H 120 ml

    Immunoglukan P4H 120 ml, The solution to strengthen natural defenses in a simple and natural way. Complement the daily diet and strengthen the body of your baby, prepare for the winter you and your baby in a natural way recommended by Spanish pediatricians. Minimum expiration 1 year

    25,00 € -20.008% 20,00 €
  • omegakids taste limon omegakids taste limon
    OmegaKids Emulsion Flavor, Lemon 100 ml

    Omegakids Emulsion Flavor, Lemon 100 ml is a food supplement based on Omega-3 fatty Acids, Omega-6 and high in vitamins D and E to help maintain proper functioning of the brain

    25,00 € -13.98% 21,51 €
  • Omegakids Gummies 54 Gummy
    Omegakids Gummies 54 Gummy

    Omegakids Gummies 54 Gummy the perfect complement to give to your child the necessary amount of omega-3 and omega-6. NO fishy taste unpleasant, it is a very recommended filler complementacion vitaminica of children. Perfect for daily use. Dosisi of 2 to 4 units a day and Omegakids Gummies 54 Gums is recommended for children 5 years and older.

    28,00 € -18.5607% 22,80 €
  • Imunoglukan 250 ml Formato Ahorro Imunoglukan 250 ml Formato Ahorro
    Entrega en 24 horas
    Imunoglukan 250 ml Format Saving

    Imunoglukan 250 ml Format-Saving with the same composition that is always a but best price to buy as it is a format of more of the double amount of the normal, with a considerable saving on the price. Great deal to buy always at the best price online offer.

    29,95 € -16.7947% 24,92 €
  • Arkoreal Syrup Apetit Pear Flavor Banana 150 ml
    Out of stock
    Arkoreal Syrup Apetit Pear Flavor Banana 150 ml

    Contains Royal Jelly.Promotes the increase of appetite.Improving the development of bones in children.Includes a mixture of extract of Cinchona and 8 vitamins.Contains vitamin D.Includes vitamins A, B6, and B12.

    10,00 € -38.8% 6,12 €
  • Damira My First Biscuits 150 g
    Out of stock
    Damira My First Biscuits 150 g

    Damira My First Biscuits 150 g made without milk are perfect as a first shape to chew. Contains 6 pouches of 4 biscuits from 8 months of life complete the feeding of the baby.

    3,50 € -15.7714% 2,95 €
  • Neo Peques Appetite 150 ml
    Out of stock
    Neo Peques Appetite 150 ml

    Neo Peques Appetite to 150 ml with raspberry flavor belongs to the line of syrups pediatric with a pleasant taste, and composition. with fenugreek and spirulina are the perfect complement to increase in appetite from the age of 3.

    9,96 € -14.5856% 8,50 €
  • Fervit Syrup Solution 120 ml Fervit Syrup Solution 120 ml
    Out of stock
    Fervit Syrup Solution 120 ml

    Iron supplement Over 4 years. Child development. Reduces constipation. No metallic taste. It is very easy dispensing.

    9,96 € -15.5801% 8,40 €
  • Gerber NutriPuffs Snack Bio of Cereals and Raspberry 35g
    Out of stock
    Gerber NutriPuffs Snack Bio of Cereals and Raspberry 35g

    Gerber NutriPuffs Snack Bio of Cereals and Raspberry 35g

    2,10 €
  • Gerber NutriPuffs Snack Bio of Cereals and Tomato 35g
    Out of stock
    Gerber NutriPuffs Snack Bio of Cereals and Tomato 35g

    Gerber NutriPuffs Snack Bio of Cereals and Tomato 35g

    2,10 €
  • Supradyn Protovit Gotas 15 ml Supradyn Protovit Gotas 15 ml
    Out of stock
    Supradyn Protovit Drops 15 ml

    It promotes growth and development. Improves cognitive function. Helps the immune system. Presentation in drops. Content of 15ml. Suitable for children.

    12,95 € -18.0969% 10,60 €
  • Neo Peques Growth 150 ml
    Out of stock
    Neo Peques Growth 150 ml

    Neo Peques Growth 150 ml-based plants of action nourishing and fortifying, together with vitamins and minerals that help to grow up strong and healthy and natural way to support recovery in the united of anemia, convalescence, and seasonal changes

    9,96 € -14.5856% 8,50 €
  • Neo Kids Probiotic 8 Vials farmaciamarket
    Out of stock
    Neo Kids Probiotic 8 Vials

    Neo Kids Probiotic 8 Vials with 8 bottles of 10 ml with flavor tutti frutti. are vials bifasicos flavored with cool that will love your baby. With action regulating the intestinal tract, strengthens the defenses. Thanks to its composition does not cause spikes.

    9,96 € -14.5856% 8,50 €
  • Neo Peques Vitazinc 30 Gummy
    Out of stock
    Neo Peques Vitazinc 30 Gummy

    Neo Peques Vitazinc 30 Gums are a complement of zinc, vitamin B6 and vitamin C just to take 1 daily and so complete the diet in an optimal way and perfect. With a pleasant strawberry flavor.

    9,96 € -14.5856% 8,50 €
  • Neo Peques Mocosytos 150 ml farmaciamarket
    Out of stock
    Neo Peques Mocosytos 150 ml

    Neo Peques Mocosytos 150 ml raspberry Flavor that makes it not a struggle to give the syrup a daily basis. This comprised of natural plants at 100 % with scots pine, iceland lichen, mauve, poligala, and mullein. From 3 years

    9,99 € -14.8678% 8,50 €
  • Blenuten Cola Cao 400 g
    Out of stock
    Blenuten Cola Cao 400 g

    Blenuten Cola Cao 400 g Blenuten is a food that is complete and balanced, which helps supplement the diet of children for their proper growth and physical and intellectual development.

    12,95 € -36.7035% 8,19 €
  • Blenuten Cola Cao 800 grams Format Saving Blenuten Cola Cao 800 grams Format Saving
    Out of stock
    Blenuten Cola Cao 800 g

    Blenuten Cola Cao 800 grams Format, Saving Your composition is particularly adapted to the needs of children from 1 year. Thanks to their high nutritional value and delicious taste of chocolate, Blenuten is an excellent alternative for the supply of preschool and school. Here you will find best online price of non-pharmaceutical chemist's and pharmacy in...

    22,95 € -30.2972% 15,99 €
  • symbiotopic skin envelopes
    Out of stock
    Symbiotopic Skin 30 Sachets of 2 grams

    Symbiotopic skin 30 Sachets of 2 grams first add probiotics to improvement of the skin atopica from the interior, comprising a composition of the novel improves both the treatment and the care of the skin on the day of treatment, as recommended by a pediatrician and a dermatologist is the ideal complement to any treatment creams and skin care atopica.

    29,95 € -18.2152% 24,50 €
  • Naturnes Bio Gallestas Ecologicas Gluten-free Honey 150 g
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    Naturnes Bio Crackers Ecologicas Gluten-free Honey 150 g

    Naturnes Bio Crackers Ecologicas Gluten-free Honey 150 g some biscuits that are 100 percent components of source eco-friendly. You'll be able to take it from the 8 months in small pieces with the milk and from the age of 1 year may be eaten directly but small. Nestle is the power of warranty.

    2,81 €

Of the first problems that you will face the babies will be gut because their stomachs and apparatus, digestive, still immature, need to start getting used to taking food with all the nutrients they need. In addition to the intestinal flora reside a good part of their natural defenses, so it is vital to spoiling her and protect her so that the baby is safe from the attack of microbes and other microorganisms.

Ideal for babies

Therefore, it is normal that young children suffer from diarrhea and other alterations that can weaken their young bodies. It is then when we can give you a small little prompting from the outside, providing the nutrients lost in the form of serums and tonics.

A very effective way of providing you with the substances lost and that you need to replace is adding to his milk, the nice taste of chocolate (for example, by Blenuten Cola Cao) or vanilla (Blenuten Vanilla),

Complement the diet of your child

To combat dehydration, a very sweet is giving children the jellies Hidrafan (there are strawberry, cola, and lemon), while for very young children, it is more effective to go to Sanutri SRO whey powder, Rehidraforte or Recuperation Baby 2x250 ml.

In order to strengthen their defenses, Symbioram envelopes is a nutritional supplement that provides a large amount of probiotics and prebiotics, to strengthen the intestinal flora.

Fervit format(drops or syrup) provides iron, a substance essential for the proper development of the circulatory system and the brain, among its other virtues. It is also vital for pregnant mothers, who sometimes tend to fall in anemia due to the demand for iron that has both your body like the small inside. Take it under medical supervision.

Recommended by pediatricians

Eladiet, for its part, markets tasty syrups to strengthen natural defenses of the children (Eladiet Jelly Kids PREVENT, with royal jelly, vitamins and pollen; and Eladiet Jelly Kids MUCOSIN, to combat the flu-like symptoms), as well as to help relax them by providing, in addition to essential nutrients, extracts of medicinal plants (Eladiet Jelly Kids Dreams).

And as the fruits are an extraordinary source of nutrients, vitamins and fiber for children reluctant to eat fruit is advised to bring Nestlé Naturnes Apple a steam, as a more sweet and squishy to get used to the fruit. It is ideal for infants from 4 month, as a remedy to combat the decomposition. Always remember, the less problem you are having your baby, go to the monitoring of your pediatrician.

Nature is becoming more crazy and ever-changing, something that you can check on the sudden changes in climate that result in the alteration of our body that seeks to adapt to them, while combat fatigue, stress and diseases caused by microorganisms.

Although our baby to follow a balanced diet for children, these climatic changes occur that your body requires on time greater amount of certain substances, nutrients, and vitamins. That's why, in your pharmacy and non-habitual, you will be able to find an assortment of vitamins, cough syrups and supplements for a healthy infant feeding, avoid colds, fevers and other disorders.

Wide range of Vitamins of babies and children

Consultation with the pharmacist or your doctor, although it is increasingly designed supplements, vitamins, and syrups targeted to the needs of a particular age range, to ensure optimal growth at the same time that it is healthy and protected.

In order to avoid the rejection, it is made with a taste attractive to the children and also formats are carefully studied. Thus, for example, the royal jelly, which is a restorative, natural to fight climate change and efforts in the college, are made in all kinds of varieties, such as candy, polvitos a single dose to ingest, capsules, honey with royal jelly, Manuka Honey Mgo 100 Royal Jelly or even in syrup flavor pear or a banana (Arkoreal Syrup). Other products protect the intestinal flora of infants to reinforce its natural defences from the inside out. It is the case of Symbiotopic skin 30 Envelopes, Inmunoglukan P4H or syrup Difensil Junior.

Best products Reviews

And of course, there are other supplements such as syrup of refreshing lemon flavor Omegakids emulsion that provides vitamins and Omega 3, to ensure the healthy development of bones and brain, also in format gummy. Other multivitamins children are Supradyn Protovit Drops, gummy Neo Peques Vitazinc, the syrup Neo Peques Mocosytos raspberry flavour, etc

In addition there are syrups nice flavor that helps little ones to relax and sleep, as Arkoreal Syrup Sleep 150 ml Strawberry Flavour; and others that will wake up the appetite, as Neo peques appetite raspberry flavour.

In this section you'll find syrups and supplements for all ages, ensuring a whole family healthy. In addition you'll see that many of their prices have discounts, only in Farmaciamarket, because we like to spoil our customers.

Vitamins for children that provide everything the baby needs to comply with a power supply suitable and optimal, complete the diet because they provide everything the baby needs for growth from the first day of life, dhavit or inmunoglukan are examples of vitamins for complete your needs, already available for purchase in your non-trusted online

The biscuits for babies is one of the healthier ways to teach chew the children. That's why more and more brands of infant feeding that develop their own recipes. And although it is from 6 months when infants start to make gluten-free grains and after 7 months, approximately, when the baby begins to take its first cereals with gluten in their bottles, there are companies that have developed nutritionally complete adapted to each stage of the baby. It is the case of Almirón, who with more than 100 years at the forefront of research in child nutrition, and covered in the latest scientific advances in this field, have developed some cookies for children which can be taken by infants from 4 months of life, dissolved in their bottles. Are these cookies gluten-free Almirón Start, with a reinforcement of iron, vitamins and calcium.

Options from other brands that have been added to expand the variety of crackers for children are Milupa my cookies with gluten, Almirón cookies 6 cereals, Sanutri my first cookies, Puleva Baby my first cookies, or Milupa my biscuits gluten-free, among others.

When can I start my baby to eat cookies?

It is a question that raises many dads and moms. In general, it tends to begin to give gluten-free cereal mixed with formula (usually dinner) after 6 months, going to the cereals with gluten, from the 7th month. However, every baby is a world, so to break out of any doubts it is best to consult your pediatrician.

If the little one can tolerate gluten, it is time to begin to give biscuits for babies, from the seventh month of life. Likewise, you can begin to provide small amounts of various cereals, such as oats, rye, wheat, or barley, so that he gets used to break it down, as they are a great and healthy source of energy.

If you are tolerating well, after 8 months it is time to begin to give her small pieces of bread (wheat or multi-grain) so that you become used to it, slowly, to chew and swallow.

Why give biscuits for babies of non-pharmaceutical chemist's and pharmacy?

In the first place, because they tend to be made by companies with decades of experience working in child feeding, in a way that produced cookies with formulas that are specially adapted to the nutritional needs of the baby, in its various stages of growth. In this way you ensure an adequate food for children, following the advice of experts in child nutrition.

These biscuits for babies include baby food and, therefore, also been produced with raw materials of first quality, tend to lead to a reinforcement of other nutritional elements such as zinc, iron, vitamins, calcium, or magnesium, necessary for proper physical and cognitive development of the small, that is in full growth.

Another aspect that also have in mind is going to go directly to young people's stomachs of the children or even their snacks, so that the hardness of these cookies is something I have in mind to avoid that might choke or damage your teeth or gums.