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Each person has hygienic habits since I have use of reason, parents make children believe that habit for the rest of your life: wash your hands before preparing food, after going to the bathroom, brush your teeth when you stand up and before going to bed and, of course, we have a shower every day. For many, the sponge bathing is an add-on personal hygiene daily as significant as the soap, why in the market you can get an amount transcendental of this type. In the following article we bring to you Actibel esponjto, which will provide you an effective and gentle on your toilet, filling the shower for pleasure, care and relaxation.

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  • sponge actibel disney cars
    Out of stock
    Actibel Sponge Disney Cars

    Actibel Sponge cars, the cars more famous in the world now in format sponge to make more fun bathing the baby or child, lightning mc queen or mate you will make more enjoyable the bathroom.

    2,95 €
  • Sponges Princesses Sponges Princesses
    Out of stock
    Actibel Sponge Disney Princesses

    Actibel Sponge Princesses, with designs of disney princesses different, with all the quality of actibel in the manufacture of sponges with materials of last generation.

    3,00 €
  • actibel
    Out of stock
    Actibel Sponge Disney Mickey

    Sponge Actibel Mickey, with the design more fun to the character that is most like the children, sponge vegetable source of high quality, manufactured by laboratories actibel and marketed by 3M.

    3,50 € -14.5329% 2,99 €
  • sponge actibel minnie
    Out of stock
    Actibel Sponge Disney Minnie

    Sponge Actibel Disney Minnie, design for babies and children, moments of bathroom fun and more enjoyable thanks to the drawings of minnie of this sponge.

    3,50 € -14.5329% 2,99 €
  • actibel marine sponge
    Out of stock
    Actibel Marine Sponge

    Sponge Actibel Navy, 100% natural to take care of your skin and that of your baby, suitable size for use in the bathroom, avoiding the split in a simple way, great length.

    6,50 €

General characteristics of Actibel sponge

? Sponge double action smooth.
? Ergonomic shape for comfort.
? Practical, effective, gentle and anatomical.
? Preserves hygiene and preserves the skin of all members of the household.
Characteristics of each one of the Products of Actibel sponge
? Sponges of Fiber: a good massage with this sponge you will favor to a good physical appearance and to reduce muscle tension, eliminates impurities and tones every part of the body. Between sponges of fiber that we have in the market, we provide you with:
? An ideal Complement that prepares the skin for the application of moisturizers. In addition, it has a face of fibers invigorating and other soft face foam that gives way to an exclusive care for the parts of the body more sensitive.
? A wonderful fibers that facilitate the expansion of the pores and the removal of impurities from the skin. Keep your skin healthy and fresh with Actibel sponge fiber! In addition, it purifies skin with a face of the sponge and the other side is fluffy, ideal for sensitive areas.
? A fabulous fibers ideal for body treatments, because it favors the absorption of creams. It also rejuvenates your skin with a face of the sponge and the other fluffy manipúlala on the more sensitive areas.
? Sponges of aroma: Adds a fresh scent to your body with sponges, aroma, ideal for the care of sensitive skin. Its use will provide you with:
? A soft texture and fluffy.
? The impairment of proliferation of bacteria
? An effect of super absorbent.
? An effect hypoallergenic, since it does not contain latex.
? Sponges child: For hygiene of the smallest of the house will exhibit the best sponges for children perfect for a fun bath. Thanks to the favorite characters of children reflected in each of their sponges, the bathroom will not be a problem for them.
? Vegetable sponge: it Is a natural product, hypoallergenic and biodegradable mainly used as product of personal hygiene. These sponges are durable, stimulate circulation, exfoliate and eliminate dead skin cells, it also prevents the appearance of cellulite. Thanks to its use offer maximum cleaning for the most sensitive skin and delicate both in body and face. Among their products can be classified according to their effect:
? Through its fibres, the caresses your skin, it gives you a relaxing effect thanks to its moisture.
? It protects the skin of your baby becoming an ally for the little ones thanks to the softness that they possess.
? Thanks to the fibers of vegetables removes every one of the waste of your skin caused by the make-up.
? Artificial sponges: These sponges are ideal for cleaning surfaces, textured, and also easy to wash. The fibers can be mild or medium, depending on your type of skin. Between our artificial sponges we offer:
? Ideal to give that care to skin, as recommended in the cosmetic use for areas of the body more sensitive as the face or the chest.
? Have multiple colours, ideal for every one of the members of the household, thus facilitating the identification.
Benefits when you opt for Actibel sponge
Do not simply apply the soap to clean the skin, Actibel sponge is ideal to conduct a micromassage while we bathed. We find a great diversity of benefits:
? Help your skin to this healthy, clean and radiant.
? Stimulates the blood circulation: Choosing a texture rough and in circular motions towards the heart, helps to stimulate the circulation.
? Combat the stress of the body, thanks to a careful massage, it is so better to relax after a hard day or to get ready to start the day with optimism.
? Promotes the absorption of creams.
? Exfoliation of the skin: it has a texture scratchy, are suitable to exfoliate the rough skin such as knees, elbows, and ankles, as well as to enhance the softness of the legs and arms.
? You'll have a smooth skin.
? Released the first layers of dead skin cells.
? Removes the tiny bumps that form on the skin.
? Go away the scratches in the final stages of healing.

How to bathe with Actibel sponge?

? Moisten the sponge in the shower or bath with warm water so that it becomes soft quickly.
? Apply soap to the sponge.
? Rub your body with the sponge from the neck to the ankles, making a circular motion to remove dead cells from the skin.
? Use lightly sponge in delicate areas such as underarms, and groin.
? Rinse your body with cool water to close your pores. Favoreciéndote a body you'll awake and refreshed.
? Use the sponge up to two times a week.
How do I prevent my Actibel sponge keep bacteria?
? Must be for individual use.
? Do not rub any area where you have wounds.
? Wash with plenty of water and Let it dry: keep out of the shower or just leave the window open.
? Redeem them regularly if it changes color or odor.
? enter your sponge in the microwave for 20 seconds, to keep away the germs.
? Use bleach in a container to eliminate the bacteria, then rinse and dry.

Why buy Actibel sponge?

Mainly why they are excellent for bathing and cleaning in addition to absorb and hold more water without dripping. Thanks to the manipulation of our sponges will provide wonderful benefits that you'll want to re-buy another sponge, we guarantee the best personal hygiene. Don't hesitate any more, choose Actibel sponge!

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