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We look forward to the arrival of the baby, when it comes we are filled with expectation and fear about everything when we got back home, and we begin to see that require many attentions especially in their first week of life, among the basic care for your well-being are: Bathing, diapers, dry well, which represents several changes in the day, cure the belly button, cut nail, care and hydrate your delicate skin, clean your nose for all this there is Acofarbaby, specialized products to consent to the smallest of the house.

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  • Acofarbaby Swabs Ears Baby
    Out of stock
    Acofarbaby Swabs Ears Baby 50 units

    Acofarbaby Swabs safety of baby, especially designed for not being able to be inserted in the ear more than necessary to maintain its cleanliness and avoid asi damage in the ear of the baby, designed by specialists pensandoe in the infant and young child

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  • Acofarbaby Breast Pump Manual Acofarbaby Breast Pump Manual
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    Acofarbaby breast Pump manual

    Acofarbaby breast Pump Manual, a soft rubber bulb to suck on the chest and fácilitar the output of breast milk, once the tank is full is emptied out gently, in a bottle for luegfo darselo a baby.

    6,99 €
  • Acofarbaby Pasta water-75 ml
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    Acofarbaby Pasta water-75 ml

    Acofarbaby Pasta water 75 ml cream of diaper rash for babies and their daily care, essential for maintaining the culete baby's optimal and well taken care of at the best price online.

    3,94 €
  • Cologne acofarbaby 400 ml
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    Acofarbaby eau de Cologne 400 ml

    Acofarbaby eau de cologne 400 ml-rich ingredients to soften and cool the skin of the baby, formulated without parabens, without perfume and without allergens.

    5,51 €
  • Gel shampoo baby acofar baby 400 ml
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    Acofarbaby Gel Shampoo 400 ml

    Acofarbaby Gel, Shampoo 400 ml, cleans and softens the delicate skin of the baby as well as the head, rich in extract of cotton and dexpanthenol.

    4,95 €
  • Lotion body babies acofar baby
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    Acofarbaby Lotion Body 400 ml

    AcofarBaby Lotion Body with assets of hydrating emollients and nourishing, contains extract of cotton, argan oil, shea butter, rosehip oil and dexpanthenol

    6,95 €
  • Acofarbaby Nasal Aspirator filter Acofarbaby Nasal Aspirator filter
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    Acofarbaby Nasal Aspirator Filter

    Acofarbaby Nasal Aspirator with Filter to prevent suck the snot baby, comfortable and practical for the mother who simply absorb is able to remove the mucus from the baby.

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  • Acofarbaby Nasal Aspirator Without spare parts Acofarbaby Nasal Aspirator Without spare parts
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    Acofarbaby Nasal Aspirator

    Acofarbaby nasal Aspirator without the need of spare parts or absorb, just an expert of rubber with a nozzle to absorb the mucus and secretions of the ebebé. Includes two nozzles

    5,95 € -33.7398% 3,94 €

Products Acofarbaby

Acofarbaby is the line specialized in the care of the smallest of the house, has hygiene product to the body, products for children and for the care of breast among some of the products offered by you, we can mention:
? Sea water isotonic child 100ml, 125ml: Used for hygiene nasal indicated in infants and children. Use get clean, the respiratory tract, eliminating mucus and making it easier to breathe, has a formula isotonic who manages to moisturize the nasal walls.
? Diaper infant acofarbaby: Its anatomical fit, able to adapt to the baby's body, and absorb more liquid and let the skin dry for longer, with adhesive strips-resistant.
? Baby rattle tribolas and swivel: Stimulates the ear, the touch, and the psycho-motor skills, getting to the time you play and be distracted.
? Baby brush and comb: it Has soft rounded bristles that allow you to provide a gentle massage to the head of your baby, without harming your delicate skin, with a perfect design.
? Baby pasta water 75mlIs ideal for the irritation of the diaper, is free of parabens and perfume, you can put pasta water on the irritated area to observe that no longer presents more discomfort.
? Saca leches Acofarbaby 1 unit: Allows you to extract the milk of the mother in the womb of way manual, consists of a rubber pear which by means of suction clears the breast milk of the mother of the baby. Once filled, the container can be emptied into a bottle for later feeding to the infant.
? Acofarbaby tijeritas security: are ideal for keeping your nails out of your pampered short, you are at risk, it has a rounded tip so that it can clavárselas or pricking much to move.
? Teething rubber Acofarbaby 1unidad: used after three months when the baby gets upset during the output of the first teeth; These teethers have rough surfaces that get a massage the gums and relieve the discomfort.
? Dispenser milk powder Acofarbaby: it Is a container that allows you to carry the amount of food for the baby powder to prepare a baby bottle, it has 3 compartments for dispensing food.
? The nasal aspirator pear acofarbaby: it Is ideal for vacuum and eliminate the mucus from babies with total safety and efficacy.
? Acofarbaby baby wipes 72 units: Are baby wipes, that have a very smooth tissue that removes dirt, enriched with Aloe Vera, cleanse the delicate skin of infants with total security
? Acofarbaby humidifier ultrasonic: it Is a device to humidify the air and avoid the lack of moisture of the skin or the respiratory tract. This device has a capacity of 300ml, that is to say 6 hours of autonomy.

Tips for the care of the baby with Acofarbaby

? The bathroom: Recall that the bathroom removes bacteria from the skin, but we must not overdo, since we can produce dryness and diseases such as eczema and infections of the skin, it is important to take into account that at the time of the bath, the water should be at a suitable temperature, such as about 30 degree approximately, in a closed place where there are no currents of air, and then cold, using a soap or bath gel neutral baby, if you have doubt you can check the products Acofarbaby.

? Cream after the bath: it Is important to keep your skin hydrated, the first days of life babies are peeled, then after the bathroom, you can place a special cream for babies, you can take the time to make small massage stimulants.
? Cleaning of ears, nose, and eyes: these are parts of the body that is not necessary to do much, but on occasions has to be practiced for a clean, in case of crusted you need to clean up with a little solution and cloth, wiping from the inside to the outside, you can only pass the gauze once by the eye, then you have to dispose of it; in the case of the nose, if we see that it has mucus, and difficulty breathing, doctors recommend the use of physiological saline solution, placed a few drops of solution into the nostrils so that the mucus is dilute, you can help him out with a pear nasal acofarbaby and with this, extract the moquito that bothers you. in the case of the ears is better not to touch, you can only clean up around the outside.

? Nail care: Should be kept short to prevent your baby from getting hurt, not to do, nothing special, the more you cut them when you have them very long. the line acofarbaby gives you a line of scissors round tip that will allow you to cut the nails of your baby safely, it is important that holding very well in the hand of your baby or is it better to do this in a moment is that it is quiet to avoid accidents.
? Clean the belly button: it Is necessary to clean the belly button, because this is in the process of necrosis and detachment, if not cleaned properly can generate a bad smell and infection, in order To keep things clean, you must clean it with alcohol iodinated acofababy, the circumference of the belly button two or three times a day, this should fall off when the baby is around three weeks, when it detaches, mama and papa must proceed with caution to avoid germs.
? Diaper change: it Is important that when cleaning the baby what do top-down, that is to say, from the genitals to the anus, this you can do it with some baby wipes, especially for infants free of fragrance and alcohol, if after you clean it notes that this burnt you can put pasta in the water until the perianal area healthy.