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Acofar is the brand name for manufacturing the Spanish leader in products of pharmacy, and non-pharmaceutical chemist's, everything you need in non-in daily hygiene as well as blood pressure monitors and everything you need for the first-aid journal. great brand for the best deal price of non-pharmaceutical chemist. Since it is possible to save when you buy acofar cheap.

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  • Acofar Plugs Ear Silicone Cordon 2 Units
    Acofar Plugs Ear Silicone Cordon

    Fits on the ear.With silicone rigid moulded.Unalterably.Hypoallergenic.Adapt to the ear canal.Ideal for loud noises.

    4,00 € -37.3825% 2,50 €
  • Acofar Glucometer + Strips + Punch Acofar Glucometer + Strips + Punch
    Entrega en 24 horas
    Acofar Glucometer + Strips + Punch

    It measures glucose levels. Puncture device. Contains test strips. It favors self-analysis. It can be transported. Easy to use.

    29,90 € -16.5619% 24,95 €
  • Plugs ear wax acofar
    Acofar Plugs Ear Wax

    Significantly reduces the noise.Improves concentration.Prevents the ingress of water.Made of wax.Surrounded by cotton.Hypoallergenic.

    4,00 € -37.3825% 2,50 €
  • Acofar Sterile Lancets 100 Units
    Entrega en 24 horas
    Acofar Sterile Lancets 100 Units

    Sterile lacentas They can only be used once. Compatible with Acofar puncture device. Suitable for personal use. Includes protective disc. Presentation of 100 units.

    10,00 € -20.47% 7,95 €
  • Acofar Mini Kit Acofar Mini Kit
    Out of stock
    Acofar Mini Kit

    Acofar Mini Kit is a kit that is extremely compact and full-ideal for small wounds and as a kit for the practice of outdoor sports.

    3,08 €
  • Acofar Swabs 100 units
    Out of stock
    Acofar Swabs 100 units

    Promotes Hygiene.It has a base of cotton.Designed for hard to reach areas.Can be used daily.It is non-irritating.Easy to handle.

    1,95 € -22.9814% 1,50 €
  • Acofar natural sponge great for baby
    Out of stock
    Acofar Natural Sponge Large

    Acofar Natural Sponge Grande is a mid-sized sponge for babies, special care for sensitive skin and problems dermatologicos.

    6,95 € -16.5505% 5,80 €
  • Acofar state of drinks giant
    Out of stock
    Acofar Natural Sponge Giant

    Acofar Natural Sponge Giant, the size more large natural sponges of acofar, big sponge for the smallest of the house.

    9,95 € -27.6156% 7,20 €
  • Natural sponge drink small
    Out of stock
    Acofar Natural Sponge Small

    Acofar Natural Sponge Small, take care of the skin of the baby as they are 100 % natural, which makes no sponge is the same as another.

    4,50 € -22.3118% 3,50 €
  • Acofar Kit First aid
    Out of stock
    Acofar Kit First Aid

    Acofar Kit First aid travel recommended for home, car and office, very complete with bandages, scissors, and a Guide to first aid.

    14,95 €
  • Acofar Swabs 200 units
    Out of stock
    Acofar Swabs 200 units

    Acofar Swabs 200 units

    3,00 € -33.45% 2,00 €
  • Acofar Serum Serum 30 unit-dose Acofar Serum Serum 30 unit-dose
    Out of stock
    Acofar Serum Serum 30 unit-dose

    Acofar Serum Serum Sterile 30 ampollitas sterile for cleaning the eyes and nose, keep clean the baby's eyes so simple and easy.

    2,99 €
  • Plugs Ear foam acofar
    Out of stock
    Acofar Plugs Ear Foam 6 Units

    Attenuates the noise.Improves concentrationProvides the reconciliation of the dream.Avoid contact with the water.Repels loud noises.They are reusable.

    4,00 € -37.3825% 2,50 €
  • Plugs ear silicone acofar
    Out of stock
    Acofar Plugs Ear Silicone

    Attenuates the noise.Improves concentration.Promotes the reconciliation of the dream.Ideal for moments noisy.Eliminates contact with the water.Hypoallergenic.

    4,00 € -37.3825% 2,50 €
  • Acofar Plugs Ear Infant Silicone 6 Units
    Out of stock
    Acofar Plugs Ear Infant Silicone 6 Units

    Plugs for childhood ear.Made with silicone moulded.Contains a safety rope.Unchanging and hypoallergenic.Adapt to the ear canal.Ideal for practicing swimming.

    4,00 € -37.3825% 2,50 €
  • Acofar Glucose Strips 25 Units
    Out of stock
    Acofar Glucose Strips 25 Units

    Solution in test strips It measures blood glucose. Results in rapid measurement. Presentation of 25 units. Can be used every day. Non-reusable

    12,00 € -19.975% 9,60 €

The brand Acofar has a variety of ranges, to find in pharmacies and parapharmacies. Among these, stands out the new line of products for infants, ranging from gels and shampoos, to digital thermometers, baby nipple,...

Acofar best price and offer

It also has an extensive line of sun protection creams, products for sensitive skin or allergic reactions, without parabens or other substances of dubious reputation.

And is that Alcofar is a trademark of pharmacy which provides all kind of products of non-pharmaceutical chemist's, from childcare, dermohigiene, and first aid, to cosmetics and even food supplements such as royal jelly, infusions of tila and beads of evening primrose oil. All this is developed with a pharmaceutical grade of the first order.

Acofar variety of pharmacy

 The motto of Acofar is to provide the best quality at the best price. And is that the acofar price is one of the strong points of the brand Acofar. If you want to buy acofar, on our website you will find the best promotions and offers, with the most advantageous prices acofar

At the beginning of the NINETEENTH century, chemists, chemical, or herbal obtained from parts of dried plants, local or brought in from other continents substances, mixtures, lotions, pills, ointments for medical purposes, these preparations were used to market or for your own use, thus is born the pharmaceutical industry, this is one of the most important sectors of the world, its primary function is the manufacture, development and marketing of medical products that allow you to treat, prevent diseases.; Acofar founded in 1961, has more than 56 years in the pharmaceutical industry, providing high-quality, consulting, today they are a leader in the comprehensive services in the sale and distribution of pharmaceuticals, perfumery and services for pharmacies.

Products Acofar

The products Acofar provide you with different brands, with a large varied product line for all your needs, perfumery, line specializing in the care of the baby and your breast, pediatrics, dermatology, natural products, all of them you can find them in different presentations which are:

Acofar: Encompassing a range of diagnostic products and first aid that can not miss in your home, office, or if sales of travel. any of these products are, strips, assorted, thermometers, sterile gauze, adhesive, bottles of urine, alcohol, oxygenated water, bag of water, cotton swabs, ear plugs, test for pregnancy, spray insect repellent, povidone-iodine, a first aid kit, etc

Acofarderm: the skin is very important, because that is our barrier against external agents for such a reason we need to take care of her, it is necessary to keep it healthy for you and make sure that it meets their functions, we need to provide nutrients that provide antioxidants that promote the elimination of free radicals produced by the UV rays, pollution, and stress, to feel and to see you more beautiful, acofar offers in your line dermatological creams for eye contours, sunscreens, blisters, gels, rosehip oil, lotions, moisturizers, lotions, solar, and facial treatments for spots, set travel, discos desmaquillantes oval, gel firming anti cellulite, fluid emulsion facial, spray solar transparent, blisters flash lifting effect.

Acofarvital: In this category we have bases of nutritional supplements and foods that provides vitamins, micronutrients, minerals that are essential for our body, features: polivitamínicos, food supplements, which can be used at the time of the diet or in stages of aging, where it should complement lso nutrisntes that our body does not synthesize.

Acofarherbal: Is composed by a wide range of products and infusions natural that improve certain health situations such as cholesterol, against fluid retention, urinary system, antioxidant defenses, low, indigestion, gas, heartburn, some of the products are alcohol rosemary, plantain acofar, gel, arnica, among others. These products are really good, since they are prepared in a natural way, which allows for the best effects, without having side-effects, due to the nature of each product.

Acofarbaby: line specialized in the care of the smallest of the house, with product pediatric body hygiene, baby bottles, pacifiers, pears nasal discs, breastfeeding, gel, shampoo, powders baby, sea water, isotonic nasal, children's toothbrush, teething ring, rubber, food antiahogó, breast pump, diapers for children, brush to clean feeding bottles and teats, dispenser of food, rattles, pasta water, baby, humificadores, cologne etc, and is that when we talk about the care of our children, the quality is really important, therefore, each product acofarbaby this developed by experts.

Acofardent: when it comes to dental care, there is no better product than the Acofardent, to begin to practice excellent oral hygiene. And is that a good oral hygiene ensures that the teeth stay healthy and free of cavities, and other dental diseases. acofar presents you its line of dental care, you will find all those products to maintain a proper oral hygiene at the best prices, you can buy silks dental, toothpaste, toothbrushes, pastes, kit, dental travel, all and each one of these products, are made with materials of excellent quality, in order to achieve the best results.

Karinas: are compresses made with tissue ultra soft, that do not affect the skin or cause irritation, we have packs of cotton and are special to the postpartum period.
Acofar is the favorite brand of pharmacies, offers you everything you need for the care of your baby, cosmetic, skin, health, nutrition, offering cost effectiveness, quality in every one of their products, 100% guaranteed.

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