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Acniben Rx Gel-Cream Moisturiser 40 ml


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Acniben Rx Gel-Cream Moisturizer 40 ml a cremigel ideal for use on oily skin, it gives No fat whatsoever so you can use it always for the treatment of acne. Have calmoactive, glycerin and hyaluronic acid that makes you fight it the dryness of the skin as well as irritation. Contains No perfumes or dyes which increase their tolerance and efficacy.

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Acniben Rx is a gel-cream with moisturizing, moisturizing and soothing properties, it was designed to relieve and help restore damaged skin due to the intake of oral acne treatments.

Acniben gel cream it has a complete and very effective composition, based on natural ingredients such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid. With the application of this gel-cream you can combat dryness, irritation and flaking in just 15 days.

Benefits of Acniben Rx Gel Moisturizing Cream 40 ml

With Acniben rx gel moisturizing cream you will be able to placate the side effects caused by oral acne treatments, since acniben gel cream deeply moisturizes the layers of the dermis, decreases inflammation and redness.

Acniben rx gel moisturizing cream it provides relief and calm to damaged skin from the first application, and stops the flaking caused by oral acne treatments.

With acniben gel cream you will enjoy a moisturizing and soothing effect that lasts for hours. With Acniben rx gel moisturizer your skin will be restored and the protective barrier of the skin will be healthy.

When using acniben rx gel moisturizing cream you will be able to notice the results in 15 days, much faster unlike other products. This gel-cream does not alter the pH of the skin or cause side effects.

The ISDIN laboratories creators of acniben gel cream have a qualified staff for the elaboration of each of their products. In addition, Acniben rx gel moisturizing cream it is a dermatologically approved cream.

Acniben rx gel moisturizing cream it can be applied to mitigate the negative effects that the skin suffers due to aggressive dermatological processes since it will favor your skin if it is dry, flaky, irritated or inflamed.

Characteristics of Acniben Rx Gel Moisturizing Cream 40 ml

Contain acniben gel cream natural ingredients that give your skin the following properties:

  • Glycerin: this liquid has a glutinous texture and a transparent color because it comes from vegetable oils. This lipid present in acniben gel cream contains oxygen, hydrogen and carbon which help moisturize and hydrate the skin.
  • For cases of acne it is effective because it has antibacterial, disinfectant and bactericidal properties. In addition, it keeps the pores of the skin clean and prevents rashes.
  • By maintaining the moisture that the skin requires, hyaluronic acid prevents the overproduction of the skin's natural oil, which clogs pores and is the cause of acne breakouts or comedones.
  • Calmoactive complex: it is an active ingredient that strengthens the skin's natural defenses.
  • Acniben rx gel moisturizing cream it's hypoallergenic.

Indications of Acniben Rx Gel Moisturizing Cream 40 ml

The use of acniben gel creamA to soothe itching, redness, inflammation and irritation in those who have undergone some anti-acne treatments.

It is recommended to apply on previously clean and dry skin acniben gel cream 2 times a day to reduce dryness, peeling, irritation, redness and inflammation caused by oral anti-acne treatments.