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Abosan 70 Hands-Solution Sanitizing Hands 100ml


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  • It includes 70% alcohol.
  • Complies with international standards.
  • Favors the cleaning of the hands.
  • Prevents the spread of viruses.
  • Eradicates the bacteria.
  • Leaves hands softer.

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Do you want to disinfect your hands without causing damage?

Abosan 70 hand sanitizer solution 100ml it is a product that has 70% alcohol, in order to improve the hygiene and health of the hands, since it includes in its composition eucalyptus, essential oils of niaouli, lemon and vegetable glycerin.

Its composition has been designed to achieve the neutralization of different germs and odors, while offering greater care to the skin, thanks to its spray presentation that evaporates quickly.

This solution is recommended for those users who usually require maximum hand hygiene, without having to use soap and water continuously.

Abosan 70 Solución Higienizante Manos 100ml

Why has aboca made Abosan 70 hand sanitizer solution 100ml?

As a consequence of the current circumstances due to the appearance of the corona virus, a cleaning solution has been developed that can be distributed in hospitals, public institutions, nursing homes for the elderly, doctors and pharmacies.

Its elaboration follows the indications issued by the Italian society FarmacistiPreparatori and the scientific community, in communion with the know-how regarding preformulation and formulation of the aboca staff.

It has been made with a content of 70% alcohol and the synergy of natural oils that exert optimal antimicrobial and antiviral effects, which in turn preserve the health of the skin of the hands.

What are the components that make up the formula of Abosan 70 hands sanitizing solution 100ml?

It includes in its composition 70% alcohol, which has been mixed with protective substances of natural origin such as eucalyptus, glycerin and lemon in order to protect and disinfect hands easily.

What characteristics does Abosan 70 hand sanitizer solution 100ml present?

Abosan 70 hand sanitizer solution 100ml instantly cleanses, practice and easily the skin, resulting in hands that feel softer and with an exquisite fragrance.

  • Its formulation is a hydroalcoholic solution that includes 70% naturally denatured ethyl alcohol.

  • It has been presented in spray format.

  • Includes in its formulation eucalyptus, essential oils of niaouli, lemon and vegetable glycerin.

  • Its composition does not include synthetic or genetically modified substances.

Who should use Abosan 70 hand sanitizer solution 100ml?

The use of this disinfectant is ideal for people who want to achieve a proper cleaning on the hands, since it is of utmost importance for the Prevention of the spread of transmitted diseases such as viruses, bacteria and fungi.

It has been formulated to be used only externally, so if it comes into contact with eyes, mucosa or damaged skin it is necessary to rinse with plenty of water.

How should I use Abosan 70 hand sanitizer solution 100ml?

This product should be sprayed on the hand area and then rubbed until the liquid has been completely absorbed by the skin, should not be used with water and can be used several times a day.

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