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Aboca Influvis Syrup 120g


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  • Creates a natural effect and fast.

  • Suitable for adults and children from 3 years.

  • Includes a taste quite nice.

  • Provides an antiviral effect.

  • Includes juices in their composition.

  • Contains No artificial preservatives or colorings.

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Aboca Influvis syrup 120g it has been developed in order to generate a faster and more natural effect by stopping the first symptoms of flu and catarrhal States, which arise during the winter.

It includes in its formulation concentrated juices of elderberry, acerola fruits and Ulmaria extract, in order to generate an anti-flu effect, since it reduces the symptoms that causes cold and common colds.

For best results it is recommended to ingest this syrup when the various symptoms of the flu begin to appear, causing a faster recovery. In addition, it provides a delicious taste and feeling of well-being.

Aboca Influvis Jarabe 120g

Benefits of Aboca Influvis syrup 120g

This food supplement has been made using concentrated juice of elderberries, lyophilized dry extract of filipendula tops and concentrated juice of acerola, in order to provide strength to the immune system.

It can be used at the beginning of winter since at this time usually appear colds or flu, originating an excellent help in the physiological mechanisms that the body activates as a result of the usual discomfort that originates the winter season.

It produces excellent results when ingested when the first symptoms of colds or flu begin to appear, thanks to the effect caused by the functional substances found in the concentrated juices it includes.

The mixture of elderberry fruit extract, the lyophilized dry extract of the Ulmaria and the concentrated juice of the acerola fruits, originate an improvement in the various recovery processes of the organism.

Thanks to its content of all-natural concentrated juices it includes a high content of nutrients and minerals that give strength to the immune system and improves the fight against viral infections.

Active ingredients of Aboca Influvis syrup 120g

Aboca Influvis syrup 120g it has been specially developed using the synergistic association of multiple components of natural origin, such as:

  • Concentrated juice of elderberries: it is extracted from elderberries and includes anthocyanins, flavonoid glycosides and Hemo-Agglutinins, which help regulate the immune system and improve the physiological processes of recovery of the body.

  • Lyophilized dry extract of Filipendula: it includes functional substances such as flavonoids and salicylates, which improve the physiological processes of recovery of the body.

  • Concentrated acerola juice: it includes a high content of Vitamin C and other substances, such as polyphenols and beta-carotenes that provide strength to the overall action, while collaborating with the care of the body in the winter period.

Indications of Aboca Influvis syrup 120g

Aboca Influvis syrup 120g it includes in its formulation extracts of natural origin in order to improve the defenses against the appearance of seasonal viral infections and to calm the discomfort that originate from the contagion of colds or flu.

In addition, with its consumption it helps to reduce the appearance of dry cough, calms sore throat and irritation, fights nasal congestion managing to clear the airways facilitating breathing.

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