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Aboca Grintuss Herb Tea 20 Sachets


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  • Favors the respiratory tract.
  • Gives a soothing effect and emollient.
  • Take care of the mucosa and decreases the cough.
  • Its formulation adheres to the mucosa.
  • Reduces contact with external agents irritants.
  • Presentation in practical pouches.

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Aboca Grintuss Tisane 20 Sachets it has been specially formulated with plant extracts such as Grindelia, plantain and helichrysum, which have been selected thanks to their high content of functional components that improve the health of the throat

The excellent results of this tisane are complemented by the aromas of natural origin of the Essential Oils of mint and eucalyptus, which when making the infusion expel hot vapors with balsamic action.

Aboca Grintuss Tisana 20 Bolsitas

Benefits of Aboca Grintuss tisane 20 sachets

This tisane has been developed to improve the state and health of the respiratory tract, as a result of the mixture of components that provide softening qualities of plants grown directly by Aboca.

It includes Grindelia, plantain and helichrysum in its composition in order to create an efficient balsamic and emollient effect, while providing a delicious aroma as a result of its Essential Oils of mint and eucalyptus.

This blend of components creates a pleasant feeling of well-being as well as a delicious taste, while eliminating cough which is a defense tool of the body that helps keep clean the trachea and bronchi.

With its use it prevents the stimulation of the mucosa of the bronchi, the trachea or the larynx, since it prevents and treats the accumulation of excessive mucus, dryness, cooling, among others.

With its use it collaborates with the decongestment produced by the common colds that manifest themselves in the day to day, in order to originate a normal and pleasant breathing, especially in the hours of the night.

Active ingredients of Aboca Grintuss tisane 20 sachets

Aboca Grintuss Tisane 20 Sachets it has been developed in order to promote the respiratory tract thanks to its balsamic and emollient action, which generate its components of natural origin such as:

  • Grindelia: promotes emollient qualities.
  • Plantain: causes fluidizing and decongestant qualities of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract.
  • Helichrysum: it generates an effective balsamic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action in the mucous membranes and respiratory tract.
  • Essential oils of mint and eucalyptus: promote the release of vapors with balsamic effects.

Operation of Aboca Grintuss tisane 20 sachets

Its components originate a balsamic action that acts decreasing the irritation of the throat area, while decreasing the sensitivity of the sensory receptors of irritation that cause dry cough, while cleaning the airways.

Additionally, Aboca Grintuss Tisane 20 Sachets it provides an emollient action that intervenes in the fluidification of phlegm in order to improve expectoration.

How to use Aboca Grintuss Tisana 20 sachets

It is recommended to take 1 or 2 sachets of tisane a day, since one sachet is equivalent to one cup of tisane.

Each sachet has been made with a patented knotted closure system, which does not require glue or metal parts, in order to preserve the organoleptic characteristics and qualities of the plants to the maximum.

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