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3 Claveles

3 Claveles is a Spanish brand leader in the sale of products for manicure and pedicure of the very best quality. You've got available to buy scissors, tweezers, pliers. All at the best bargain price online. Don't miss all of our offerings.

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There are many ways that you can get items for our home, but there are very few that offer us a real quality in the products if the services, and that is that there are certain factors that are of importance to be able to choose quality products, between them are the amount of time that has the brand in the market, something that is really important, as it is the time that 3 carnations have building quality since 1930, these products are specialized in knives, scissors, pliers, kitchen accessories, beautiful accessories, cutters and much more, in the following article we will be talking about the products that 3 carnations have for you.

  • What are the products that 3 carnations have for you?

    Scissors: to Have scissors of high quality in our home is really important, because they offer a lot of benefits, in addition to the scissors of 3 carnations are the best, the quality that they present are of great quality and durability, factors that are really important, because when you buy a pair of scissors of these products you will be taking a pair of scissors that will last for a long time, keeping the edge of the same, moreover, these scissors are multi-purpose, some of them possess a pica walnut quite effective, all of these scissors are made of stainless steel, forgings, hot, and this is what gives the quality and durability of each one of them.3 claveles farmaciamarket tijeras.jpg

     Knives: knives 3 carnations are designed for the comfort and safety of each of their users, they also have a great cutting capacity and an edge really durable, and it is that the quality of the same is based on the time that has this brand on the market, including the variety of knives you have are:

Each one of these knives comes in a great variety of knives 3 carnations can show you, and is that to have a knife for every need, will be providing the necessary comfort.

    Pliers: If you want to get pliers of high-quality, 3 carnations, you can be assured the quality of the product, and is able to work with comfort is really good, the pliers 3 carnations are perfect to give way to the nails of the hands and feet, these products are carbon steel and forged into hot to achieve high levels of quality.

    Kitchen accessories. Comfort in the kitchen allows you to be able to have a greater inspiration to the time of cook, so possess a large number of accessories, is really good, it's accessories that you can offer mark 3 carnations, among the most notable accessories include:

Each of these accessories has a role to exact in the kitchen, providing greater comfort when cooking.

  • Why buy the products, 3 carnations?

There are many reasons we can buy these products, among the most relevant are:

Economic: These products have a great number of benefits, and for everything that you can to help you out, are really cheap, in addition to which we have to compare the price with the time that will serve the product, it is really economic.

Quality guaranteed: These are products made from the 1930s, therefore, the time in the market, guarantee the quality of each of your products, and that is what makes perfect is to practice, and the development of these products takes more than 80 years on the market, the quality of these products is based on the materials of which they are made, which allow to obtain the best results in every one of the functions of these products:

Variety and functionality: One of the great things that have products 3 carnations is the amount of products that they own at the hands of their customers, and that is that there are two types of variety in the products, 3 carnations, the first is the variety of designs that have accessories of the same function, and the second is the variety of products that have, with a different function for each one, providing comfort at all times.

Convenience: The convenience of being able to enjoy a variety of products for the home, it is really important, and this comfort you can enjoy thanks to the products that 3 carnations have for you, in addition to being able to purchase these products through web pages, something that provides a great ease and gain of time for you.

Professional products at your fingertips: To perform professional work of any kind, you need professional tools, and the mark 3 carnations knows, therefore, this becomes another great advantage of these products, since they provide professional knives, to be able to perform all of your recipes, the most delicious and quickly as possible, as well as tools for the care of our hands and feet, and best of all, is that their prices are really affordable in the market.
The design of its products: Every one of the products 3 carnations has a specific function, therefore, the design must be unique, the mark 3 carnations focuses quite a lot in the design of its products, looking for the same to be unique and to give the comfort and utility is needed, an example of these are scissors, 3 carnations, which have as a fundamental part of your design:
Sheet sheet fine tip is ideal for drilling and guide the cut, and the blade of wide blade allows for a cut along the cutting edge.
Screw Joins the two blades of the scissors, maximizes cutting power and allows adjustment, and afilarlas, Thimbles Can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, ergonomic design, looking for the comfort and safety in the handling of the scissors.
Butt Separation between the two thimbles. To avoid pinching accidental and to close the scissors right up until the cut-off point.alicate farmaciamarket 3 claveles.jpg

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